The secret to my’soupy garden’ is using kitchen waste that most people throw out. It has transformed the look of my yard.

A gardening expert has used her own secret fertilizer to transform her thinned-out greenery into an impressive forest.

You can make the “soupy mix” from leftovers in your kitchen.

Gardening pro Carleigh posted a video to expose her garden before and after she started using her homemade fertilizer


Carleigh is a professional gardener who posted a video revealing her garden’s transformation before and since she began using homemade fertilizerCredit: TIKTOK/@the_fruit_influencer666
Before, Carleigh's garden was thin and bare


Carleigh’s garden used to be thin and barrenCredit: TIKTOK/@the_fruit_influencer666

Carleigh Wamberg (@the_fruit_influencer666( posted by a Video Showing her before and After using her fertilizer.

Carleigh’s garden space was small and sparse when she began two years ago.

Some plants were strewn along the edges of the fence, and a couple of them were perched right in the middle.

The garden was transformed into a dense forest of lush vegetation after she discovered the fertilizer.

Carleigh explained, “You will save any leftovers after you have juiced.”

She pulled the entire pulp out of the juicer attachment after she made a green-colored juice.

The consistency of the pulp was “soupy” after she added the water.

Carleigh said, “Make sure you blend it and add water so that it won’t go bad.”

This homemade fertilizer is best used during rainy seasons, according to her.

You should still water any greenery that you sprinkle on after using the product during dry weather.

She said, “This is a great way to get extra nutrition.”

Carleigh has posted videos showing her garden after two years of using the juice pulp.

The space was filled with tall, long-stemmed plants.

She is a very popular blogger and her fans love the recipe she uses for fertiliser.

A viewer said: “I would highly recommend getting one.” No bin is required. It’s easy to just open it.

Carleigh said that she plans to open her business soon.

She recommended adding water to juice pulp and sprinkling it around the garden


She suggested adding water to the juice pulp, and scattering it in the garden.Credit: TIKTOK/@the_fruit_influencer666
After she started doing that, her garden started growing fast and became more full


Her garden grew quickly and was more full after she did this.Credit: TIKTOK/@the_fruit_influencer666
Carleigh said the mixture must be 'soupy' so that the plants don't rot


Carleigh says the plant mixture should be soupy to avoid rotting.Credit: TIKTOK/@the_fruit_influencer666

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