The Sea Beast movie review, also called How To Train Your Sea-Dragon


Our honest review ‘How to Train Your Sea-Dragon’, also known as The Sea Beast; Netflix’s latest seafaring animated adventure.

There are so many streaming services and titles competing for your attention that it can be hard for viewers find the right thing to watch on the weekend.

Netflix’s latest animated adventure, The Sea Beast, has been released. The streaming giant had to cut their Animation department earlier this summer, but it still delivered an enjoyable adventure on the high seas.

We are sharing our honest review on The Sea Beast. While it is dazzling with its visuals, humor and comedy, it can also leave fans wanting more.

The Sea Beast Official Trailer| Official Trailer



The Sea Beast Official Trailer| Official Trailer





Review of The Sea Beast: It’s time for you to set sail

The Sea Beast is a seafaring adventure for the whole family. It features stunning visuals that show just how far CG animated films has come in the last decade. CG projects can often struggle with two particular aspects, action sequences and scale…The good news is that The Sea Beast does both superbly.

Visually, battles between sea monsters and their hunters are spectacular. With every bit of wood falling off the ships, each action sequence impresses with its fidelity.

Scale can also prove difficult with CG. ‘feel’It is impossible to measure the size of these objects in real life, especially when they are in open ocean.

However, fans will be happy to hear that the team at Netflix Animation have done an excellent job of creating a sense of scale throughout The Sea Beast’s adventure.

These creatures are massive and the cinematography is very effective in highlighting their size. In fact, on multiple occasions, the fear of deep-water creeps through the screen and into your living room – no matter how far inland you may be watching from.

That being said, there are some parts of The Sea Beast that limit its potential – mainly the fact that the story remains extremely predictable and a mashup of other similar titles.

The Sea Beast is, as the title of the review would suggest. It’s basically How to Train Your Dragon for the ocean, with some elements from Moana or Pirates of the Caribbean added in for extra entertainment.

The Sea Beast is a film that succeeds in making it impossible to not watch Hiccup and Toothless.

As the credits ended, I wondered if a more open ending would have changed our final thoughts about the plot. Although it was predictable, the story is aimed at children and not adults. However, a more wholesome ending could have made the journey more enjoyable.

This war lasted hundreds of years and has claimed the lives countless numbers of animals and hunters. We could have still ended with the revolt against the Royal Family for pushing their propaganda, but there are countless monsters out there and Red doesn’t control any of them – she’s just the alpha predator.

Even if a sequel isn’t being planned, a more rewarding ending of a new ‘enlightened’Period, not a time of ‘peace’After such an entertaining and high-stakes adventure, he was definitely deserved.

Overall: The Sea Beast is a fun and gorgeously animated adventure that is well worth a watch, it’s a shame we’ll most likely forget about it within a month or two – 8.4/10.

What has been the film’s rating by critics and fans?

The Sea Beast seems to have received mostly positive reviews from both critics and fans.

Current rating for the movie: 7.1/10 IMDBWith higher scores of 8.8/10 & 96%, respectively MetaCritic Rotten Tomatoes respectively.

“The Sea Beast is a solid animated adventure from Netflix and continues Chris Williams’ impressive resume as a director. While the story hits familiar beats, it has a remarkable dedication to building a world and sticking by that world without feeling the need to undermine itself with self-aware humor or purposeful anachronisms or contemporary dialogue. Some plot points feel a little extraneous or could’ve used some fine tuning, but it’s a solidly entertaining adventure I can highly recommend.” – User IonicBreezeMachine, via IMDB.

The New York TimesNotes “this script’s greatest sin is its steadfast predictability”It is a praiseworthy feat. “backgrounds and underwater shots are particularly stunning.”

PolygonAlso, The Sea Beast demonstrates how far animation has come. “Netflix’s new animated feature The Sea Beast shows how far the medium has come over the last few decades — but it simultaneously shows how uninspired big-budget animation can still look, sometimes moments after it delivers a visual wow.”

“Despite the story itself needing a shave, The Sea Beast is a sweet, delightful distraction filled with maritime monster melees, a solid emotional core, and bewitching visuals. It’s got heart, decent world-building, and a vital message, though the set up’s overlong and the ending’s choppy.” – Matt Fowler, via IGN.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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