The Rumored Reason Bill Hader & Anna Kendrick Were able to reunite after nearly 2 years


Recent reports indicate that Bill Hader Anna KendrickAfter months of peaceful partnership, the couple parted ways. While the couple’s relationship and eventual split have been shrouded in mystery, one tabloid claims to know why they called it quits. Let’s take a look.

Why did Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick break up?

This week In Touch shares an insider’s account of why NoelleBill Hader and Anna Kendrick, co-stars in the movie, have ended their relationship. “They simply grew apart,” the outlet’s source spills. According to the article, it is believed that the couple split over disagreements about having a baby. However, the tipter insists that “it wasn’t quite that dramatic.”

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The source continues: “Anna has never wanted children, and Bill already had three kids from his previous marriage. It just wasn’t meant to be a forever love story. But they had a good run together with a lot of laughs, and they ended things as friends.”

What We Know About Hader And Kendrick’s Relationship

Here’s the thing: We have no more reason to believe this alleged insider’s testimony over any other outlet’s anonymous sources. But, unfortunately, that’s all we’re left with—anonymous tips. That’s what their entire rumored relationship has been based on. And that’s because Hader and Kendrick kept their relationship so private that some outlets weren’t confident enough to confirm their romanceIt was just a few short months ago.

Nobody knows whether they met on set of the 2019 film, or if later. Similar to the above, no one knows when or why they parted. At this point, it’s all just speculation. But we’re guessing the outlet was right in one thing: It seems like they were able to split things off relatively drama-free. Kendrick is now aboard the now-exs. Luxury yacht vacation with friendsAfter her breakup, she seemed to be de-stressed.

A few unusual tales from The Tabloid

Of course, we can’t close things off without mentioning In Touch‘s checkered past when it comes to celebrity gossip. Let’s take a look at some of the outlet’s latest tales. According to the magazine, Kate Moss had been desperate to see Johnny Depp again after his defamation trial. Then the very same tabloid reported Jennifer Lopez was ruining her and Ben Affleck’s wedding by bulldozing through their $1 million budget. The publication also falsely reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn had split. So, we’re immediately skeptical of all celebrity gossip that comes from In Touch.


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