The Royal Couple Welcome Their Fourth Child And Here’s All We Know

This week’s edition of OK! reflects on Kate Middleton’s royal life so far and reports that the duchess may have some big news to share. While Middleton’s marriage to Prince William may look like a fairytale, the outlet notes that she’s had her fair share of struggles. That being said, she’s always handled them with grace and modesty.

An insider explains, “Kate’s the first to admit she’s made some mistakes, but no one holds that against her,” adding, “She just seems so relatable, and that has endeared her to millions of fans.”

Middleton has been plagued with rumors about her marriage and criticisms of her looks throughout her time as a duchess, but she’s handled it all in stride. But Middleton’s life was shaken up once again as her in-laws, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, abandoned their royal duties and moved to the United States.

The Royal Couple Welcome Their Fourth Child And Here's All We Know

“She’s taken on a lot more work since they left, and that’s something that’s earned her even more praise,” The source said that the source was correct. “There seems to be nothing she can’t do,” but Middleton isn’t without her support system.

According to the magazine, she relies on Queen Elizabeth II for guidance. “The queen herself tutored Kate in how to be dutiful and make the most of her senior royal status,” The tipster muses. “Kate says it’s an honor, and her bond with the queen is noted whenever she stands beside her.”

As Middleton prepares to become queen, she remains focused on her charitable work to help children. “Anything that has to do with children, she’s on board.”

Finally, the publication revealed that Middleton has even considered having another child. “The buzz is Kate and William are considering a fourth child,” The insider said. “There’s some anxiety because Kate suffered from severe morning sickness during her previous pregnancies, but they would love to have another girl. They may just go for it!”

There’s no need to dispute the majority of this report’s claims. The outlet didn’t provide anything information that wasn’t readily available to the public, so it’s unclear why this story exists at all. Middleton is greatly admired by the public and seems to handle her royal duties with grace — that’s all true.

This article spends most of its time celebrating the duchess, though it can’t help but take a dig at Meghan Markle. The real story the article is focusing on is Middleton’s rumors about having another baby. While anything is possible, there’s just no evidence to suggest Middleton is planning to have a fourth child.

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