The Rookie Adds a Chicago Police Department. In Season 5, Vet To Play A New Cop

The Rookie Adds a Chicago Police Department. In Season 5, Vet To Play A New Cop

The RookieJust a little more than a month away From the premiere of its fifth season on ABCOnly a few days earlier Its debut as a spinoffFans can now count on another cop joining the ranks. What’s more – this cop will be played by a star who already has experience playing a police officer. Rookie fans, prepare to say hello to Chicago P.D. alum Lisseth Chavez!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lisseth Chaves has joined the hit drama to play Celina, a rookie. Deadline. She’ll come into the fold after finding success at the Academy and gaining confidence because of it, although this might be more of a challenge than an asset for her training officer. It’s not clear at this point who her training officer will be, but Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan could be a candidate. 

Celina is listed as a guest-star for several episodes. It will be interesting to see how she fits in and whether she can be promoted to series regular status. Even though she was a regular on the cancelled series, Chavez has certainly had experience as a younger cop. Legends of Tomorrow. Her previous role was that of Officer Vanessa Rojas Chicago P.D.She was a crucial part of Season 7 with strong relationships to long-standing characters. 

Rojas vanished without explanation on NBC. Between Season 7’s end and Season 8’s beginning (and I, for one, still want to learn), and P.D.The answer may never come, but she has advanced enough. Even if that’s the case, she’ll be in cop mode again for The Rookie, although it’s safe to say that Celina and Rojas will be different kinds of characters.

The Rookie is already filming with the newcomer for Season 6, as proven by a post on the show’s official Instagram site that shows Lisseth Chavez in costume. Take a look

Fellow The RookieJenna Dewan, actress, posted the comments to the post. “Yesss”With a few emojis, she received a lot of support. A number of commenters shouted their appreciation. Chicago P.D.In response to her Rookie casting. In Chavez’s own Instagramblog about the news, her old P.D. co-star Tracy Spiridakos (who was a fan of her character’s dynamic with Rojas(Posts: ) “🥳🥳!!!,”L – FormerlyFuture egends Stars like Nick Zano and Caity Lotz posted some emojis of congratulations.

The peek behind the scenes doesn’t give away any details other than what the actress will look like as the show’s newest rookie, but her casting is just the latest exciting news to come out of this show and TV universe After its early renewal. After a successful backdoor landing pilot Staring Reno 911! alum Niecy NashIn the spring, The Rookie: FedsThe Nathan Fillion Show’s first spinoff will air in September. 

Lisseth Chavez is featured in Season 5 The RookieIt will premiere on Sunday, September 25, 2010, at 10:05 p.m. ET on ABC 2022 TV premiere schedule. All four seasons are available for viewing if you wish to rewatch earlier episodes before the series returns in September. a Hulu subscription.

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