The Real Reason Prince William Hated Living With Harry

The Real Reason Prince William Hated Living With Harry

In 2009, Prince Harry joined his older brother at RAF Shawbury for Defense Helicopter Flying School, per the royal family website. In June of that year, Prince William, then 27, and Harry, then 25, gave a rare joint interview to the BBCin which they discussed their living arrangements. “First time, last time we’ll be living together. I assure you of that,” Harry said it jokingly to the reporter.

William’s words echoed those of his brother. “It’s been a fairly emotional experience,” William quipped. He jokingly said that he was second in line to the throne and claimed that he did all the chores in their shared home. “Bearing in mind I cook — I feed him every day — I think he’s done very well,” he said, words that royal biographer Robert Lacey noted in his 2020 book, “Battle of Brothers,” were said “jokingly — or half-jokingly,” according to theMirror. William added that even though Harry was supposed to wash the dishes, the younger brother “leaves most of it in the sink and then he comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up,” he said, to which Harry replied, laughing “Oh, the lies.”

William also noted that Harry is a snorer, adding it disturbs his sleep. Harry intervened to make fun of his brother for making it sound as if they were all sleeping together. “People will start thinking we’re sharing a bed,” Harry made a joke.

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