The Real Reason Natalie Morales is Leaving NBC News


The Real Reason Natalie Morales is Leaving NBC News

Multiple outlets are available, including the Daily Mail Page SixNBC News announced that Natalie Morales will be leaving NBC News in order to join “The Talk”CBS News. Both news outlets spoke with unnamed insiders. Morales however hasn’t confirmed these reports. Tom Mazzarelli, executive producers of “Today,”According to NBC News, Morales was “offered an opportunity she’s passionate about”A memo was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Network news can be difficult, and NBC’s network news is no exception. “Today”There was a lot of drama behind closed doors. Morales was the centre of one “Today”controversy According to National EnquirerAnnette Lauer filed for divorce from Matt Lauer in 2006 after hearing rumors about her husband. “Today”Morales and host have an affair. The Enquirer reported the two NBC News stars allegedly became intimate during their coverage of Torina’s Winter Olympics. Annette filed for divorce one month after filing; the Lauer–Morales rumors are never confirmed.

Fans are rooting for Morales wherever she is going next.


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