The Real Reason A Royal Author Is Calling Meghan Markle A Hypocrite

The Real Reason A Royal Author Is Calling Meghan Markle A Hypocrite

Since stepping back as a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle has come forward with claims that she was a victim of the British monarchy. However, royal author Andrew Morton pointed out how the former actor has seemingly cut out some of the most important people in her life, saying Meghan is a hypocrite for preaching humanity and empathy. In a Daily Mail article published on September 25, the journalist detailed what he called “the paradox that is Meghan Markle.”

“As much as she talks of inclusivity and compassion, her father Thomas [Markle] and the rest of his family remain outside her emotional orbit, cast into the outer darkness,” Morton penned, referring to how Meghan has had no relationship with her dad since she said “I do” to Prince Harry in May 2018. Their relationship first turned sour ahead of the royal wedding when it was revealed Thomas staged photos and leaked a personal letter from Meghan to the press, Page Six reported. Meghan most recently spoke about Thomas during her March interview with Oprah Winfrey, saying she struggled to forgive his “betrayal.”

Morton also condemned Meghan “for all her lobbying and discourse about female empowerment,” saying it’s ironic that she “faces a lengthy and potentially damaging inquiry into written allegations that she bullied a number of members of household staff, mainly female.” Per The Mirror, “at least 10” former royal staffers have claimed that Meghan bullied them.

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