The Real Health Benefits Of Maca Root

The Real Health Benefits Of Maca Root

A systematic review conducted in 2016 rounded up evidence from 11 databases, including randomized clinical trials, and concluded that maca is effective as a food supplement to improve sexual function and fertility, with specific regards to men’s sexual health (via Maturitas scientific journal). A randomized clinical study was done to determine the effects of maca on 50 Caucasian men suffering from mild erectile dysfunction. It found positive results in maca-treated patients compared with the placebo group. The study concluded that the maca-treated patients had significant improvement in both performance and sexual satisfaction (via First International Journal of Andrology).

A different study published in the First International Journal of Andrology aimed to assess maca’s effects on semen in 69 infertile male adults, supplied with either maca or a placebo over the course of 12 weeks. Although there were no significant differences between groups in measuring semen volume and sperm motility or sperm structure, the study did show a difference in sperm content in the maca-treated patients.

A second interesting study showed surprising results in men’s sexual desire. The 12-week-long randomized control trial involved men aged 21 to 56 receiving maca or placebo. Between 8 and 12 weeks, maca was found to have an independent effect and increased sexual desire in men. Although early research shows maca’s promise, more clinical research could provide additional evidence to prove maca’s support for men’s health.

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