The Queen Elizabeth Special Christmas Decorations have Just Been Revealed

The Queen Elizabeth Special Christmas Decorations have Just Been Revealed

It is a well-known fact, Queen Elizabeth enjoys playing charades. A royal expert said Express, “I’ve heard they love playing games, especially charades, over Christmas and that The Queen is apparently a very good player.”The following is an extract from the Mirror, the monarch loves the game so much that everyone has to play charades until she’s had enough. Wondering why Queen Elizabeth indulges in her dramatic side during Christmas? The story goes way back — to World War II to be precise. 

Town and CountryAccording to reports, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret performed pantomimes written for them by Hubert Tannar when they were still young. The four plays — “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Aladdin,”And “Old Mother Red Riding Boots” — were performed during the holiday season between 1941 and 1944. To aid WWII soldiers, the Royal Household Wool Fund received the proceeds of the pantomimes. The proceeds from the pantomimes were donated to the Royal Household Wool Fund in aid of WWII soldiers. PeopleSome of the costumes from these plays will be displayed in the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle, where they were first performed by Elizabeth and Margaret. The collection includes satin-and-lace dresses, brocaded jackets and delicate lace bloomers that are fit for a queen. 

Royal Collection Trust has also published Video footage of Windsor Castle at Christmas. Visitors can view the Christmas decorations until early next years by visiting an elegant 20-foot Christmas Tree in a stately space.

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