The Phyllis And Sally Theory That Changes Everything On The Young And The Restless

The comments on a clip of a Sally/Phyllis brawl that was posted to the Official “Young and the Restless” YouTube page on September 2 featured lots of speculation that Sally and Phyllis might be — gulp! — biologically related.

“Just WAIT until they realize they’re related to each other. I can hardly wait for that revelation to come out. At some future point, I imagine they’ll look back on that incident and laugh about it,” wrote YouTuber Saffire Channing. “Phyllis is going to be kicking herself in the butt when & if she finds out Sally’s her daughter!” agreed Veronica Powers. They are among those who think that Sally and Phyllis could be mother-daughter due to their bad girl ways, matching personalities, and red hair.

We’ve already met Sally’s grandma Shirley (Patrika Darbo) and her sister Coco (Courtney Grosbeck), and know that she was named after her great-aunt, who was played by the late Darlene Conley on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” However, we have never met Sally’s mother or heard of her father. either”Y&R” or “B&B” have told us anything at all about Shirley’s children. Sally’s story can berewritten in any way the show’s writers wish.  Perhaps Shirley lied to Sally about her background and took her in as a baby after Phyllis gave her up; it’s also possible that Sally was raised by her father and Phyllis abandoned her at birth — hey, she’s done worse.

At the moment, it’s nothing but fun speculation — but a twist that would certainly add a little spice to the women’s ongoing war.

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