The passenger’s refusal to switch to a seat that has more legroom has ignited a large debate

One HOLIDAYMAKER started a heated debate on the internet after refusing to change into a legroom-additional seat during a flight.

Some people are happy to take a seat that has more legroom for no extra charge, but one woman was not interested.

A woman has sparked a debate online after she refused to move into an extra legroom


Online, a woman has caused a controversy after refusing to get into lane with extra legroomCredit: Getty

A passenger witnessed a woman refuse an extra seat with legroom on a recent plane.

The aforementioned is a Tweet about itHe wrote: “I saw a lady refuse an upgrade on an airplane to the exit row because she was worried about what would happen in case of an emergency.

She is the honestest person I know.

Since then, the tweet has been seen over 2.5 million times. Many people have shared their opinion in comments.

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While it might seem that the upgrade is obvious, many people also said they refused the upgrade.

One person wrote: “I would switch my seat if they stuck me in exit row because I’m irrationally terrified the door is going to open and suck me out.”

And another added: “I would do that too because I don’t think I’d be strong enough to open the door.”

Third person: “I was afraid that my father would be sitting on one of the seats when I was twenty.

“I felt responsible to help him fulfill his duties if our plane crashed and I couldn’t handle the hypothetical pressure.”

Several other passengers also said that they were willing to swap seats.

Someone wrote: “I hid my broken wrist in a cast under my scarf when the flight attendant came around to review our exit row responsibilities so I didn’t get moved.

“I knew I would be able to push out the airplane door if it was necessary.”

While someone else added: “I work on planes for a living, so I’m very used to opening their doors.

“I am pretty sure I can open a door in an emergency, so I choose the additional legroom.”

Other people were concerned that so many people struggled to manage the exit rows.

The user stated: “I love the honesty but I find it disturbing how many people say they are incapable of acting in an emergency with common sense.”

Holidaymakers always look to find a place with more legroom.

Experts atTravel LensRecent tips from passengers on how they can get an additional legroom without paying extra money were shared.

One thing they said to do was avoid checking in early, which may go against what most people do.

The passengers explained it was “worth the risks” to do a check-in after all other passengers.

This is because there may be seats with extra legroom available, which crew are more likely to offer up if there is no one left to check-in.

You can also find a seat that has more legroom by using apps or websites. These alerts will let you know when the better seats become available.

ExpertFlyer lets you create alerts for the seats you prefer, such as those near the window and the aisle.

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It is worth asking the crew to move you if they are alerted.

Meanwhile, one woman had a very rude technique to get more legroom in her seat.

She refused to move into the seat because she found the emergency responsibilities too stressful


She did not want to sit down because the emergency responsibility was too stressful.Credit: Getty

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