The New Fall Guys Creativity Mode: Everything You Need to Know

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Fall Guys Creative Mode allows you to create your own levels, and then share them with others online.

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You can also contact us by clicking here. Fall Guys isn’t quite as popular as it was at launch, the whimsical battle royale still has a dedicated community. Mediatonic continues to update the game regularly, with its most recent content release being a mighty impressive.

Season 4 features a brand-new level editor which allows players to build their own obstacle courses.

Here’s a closer look at Fall Guys You can also expect Season 4 to bring a Creative Mode and a few more changes.

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What is the ‘Fall Guys Creative Mode’?

Fall Guys Creative, a level editor with full functionality that allows you to create your own maps and share them online with Fall Guys’ community. Right now, you’ll be able to choose from two themes — Original or Digital. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to dive right into the creation process, throwing down Blocks, Barriers, and other hazards.

A player placing a Rotating Hammer in Fall Guys Creative Mode.

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The Creative Mode has been added to the game. Fall Guys, and it’ll be interesting to see what players come up with over the next few months. This should give Mediatonic fans a lot of content between their official updates.

How do you use the ‘Fall Guys Creative Mode’?

You can launch your vehicle Fall GuysYou should now see the wrench icon in your Main Menu. Click on this, and you’ll be launched into Creative Mode. You can now edit the Race to your liking, and then hit Publish for a 16-digit share code.

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You can use this code to get your map. If you forget the code, you’ll find a collection of all your Creative Mode maps and Share Codes in the My Levels menu.

Create a custom show in the Show Selector to play your map. Enter your Share Code, and you’ll be able to start a lobby for your game. Matches can include up to forty players.

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In the future, Rounds created by players will appear in Show Selector. But while the team works out any bugs with the new feature (and players learn the new tools), they’ll largely be private matches. In the near future, you can expect to see Creative Mode Maps in the Show Selector.

A level created with Creative Mode in Fall Guys.

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What’s new in ‘Fall Guys: Season 4’?

Creative Mode is the main attraction of Season 4, but there’s plenty of other content to enjoy. Mediatonic has created 50 Creative Rounds, of which many are already available to play at the beginning of Season 4.

You’ll also find a new Fame Pass has replaced the usual Season Pass. The Fame Pass will have a duration of four to seven week, will unlock the Core Rewards and will allow multiple passes during one Season.

Mediatonic says these are more weighted towards “Costumes, Colours, Patterns and Emotes,” which should offer better rewards for your time. Hello Kitty The first Fame Pass will feature a star.

Find out more about Fall GuysBe sure to keep up with its updates Official Twitter page.

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