The Most Surprising Facts About Overnight Amtrak Sleeper Car Train

My accommodation in a train sleeper car was ten times more expensive than flying economy, and it took ten times as long.

The author on a plane (L) and a train (R)

The author took a recent flight (L), as well as a train ride (R).

Joey Hadden/Insider

You might believe that trains are more expensive than flying. However, this is not always the case. Recent Amtrak trips that I booked cost me $500 for a roomette in Miami and $1,000 for a bedroom in New York.

This pricing is typical of the fall, as that is when I traveled. A recent Amtrak booking search. (According to our reporting standards, Insider paid for train accommodations.

Based on the time of day, a round-trip flight between New York City and Miami in basic economic could cost about $100 A recent Google Flight search revealed that the following information was available. Kayak searches show that a round-trip first-class flight would cost the same as an Amtrak hotel roomette.

Although the accommodations in train accommodation I booked were more spacious, private, and luxurious than first- or economy class flights, I was shocked at how much it cost to travel by train. It can also take up to ten times as long. A 30-hour overnight train ride between New York City and Miami took about 30 hours. The same flight takes approximately three hours.

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