The most frightening night of my lifetime was when I mistakenly thought that a room at a hostel was a bed in a hotel

A few days after an unforgettable trip to Japan, I mistook a hostel for a hotel and experienced one of my most frightening nights as a solo young traveler.

When I travel alone I am careful to book the right hotel. I dropped the ball, and now I have a lot of worries.

Hotels tend to have more amenities than motels and are usually enclosed


Hotel rooms are typically more luxurious than those in motels, and they’re usually enclosedCredit: Getty Images – Getty
By contrast, motels are usually open to the outside


In contrast, most motels have a door that opens to the exterior.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

As I closed out 2017 and started the New Year, I traveled between New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. After a stop in Los Angeles to spend a night, I continued on to Tokyo, Japan.

As I was returning to New York from Los Angeles, I stopped for two days to enjoy a Disneyland solo day.

When my plans to stay at a friend’s house fell through just before I left for the park, I booked the nearest hotel.

In my rush to save money, I compromised safety and ended up in a hotel instead of an Airbnb. Hotels.

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Hotels are generally enclosed, whereas motels usually have just one level and are exposed to the outdoor.

The amenities in hotels are also more numerous, such as a bar and restaurant or pool.

While I was there, I became hyperaware of everything around me, including the fact that my door opened outwards, which means that the only thing that separated me from everyone else in the room is a small lock.

This was not the best option for a solo young traveler.

As cars were parked outside my door, and I saw people walking by, I felt terrified. I remember thinking: “Am I safe?” What am I supposed to do?

It was disappointing to me as I’m a very savvy traveler, but clearly I dropped the ball, and put myself into a dangerous situation, especially as a woman in her 20s.

After my arrival at midday, I stayed in my spacious room and ordered takeout. It was furnished well enough to make me feel comfortable.

Due to jetlag, I slept during the day. I also worried that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Disneyland is a safe and comfortable place where I spent my one full day.

The day was spent exploring the Disney Parks on my own.

The low cost of the hotel was not worth my anxiety.

The stay I had was quite enjoyable and I wouldn’t hesitate to book a motel in an emergency.

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