The Meaning of Can I Get it By Adele

The Meaning of Can I Get it By Adele

Adele was understandably upset following her split with Simon Konecki. According to reports, the split was not amicable. The New York TimesThe singer was then on an emotional rollercoaster. “I just didn’t like who I was,”Adele revealed to Rolling Stone about what motivated the split.

She vowed to find love again and got involved in the dating scene. Adele was a bit rusty since Konecki and she had been together since 2011. The superstar was having a difficult time finding the right person. “I lasted five seconds,”She spoke out about Los Angeles dating. The singer said that the city wasn’t right for her. “everyone is someone or everyone wants to be someone.”She continued, “I’ve been so lucky that no one I’ve been with has ever sold a story on me. I feel like that could really be a possibility.”

Adele recorded the track after her failed attempt at dating. “Can I Get It,”It’s about finding real love in a sea filled with casual hookups. The lyrics depict Adele speaking to her ideal lover, where she would love to go. “Through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and divine / I will be the melody, the rhythm, and your rhyme / All I want is for you to be mine, mine,”Per Genius. Adele is a woman that knows what she wants.

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