The matrix theory is sparked by a TikTok video showing a woman frozen on the street.

A TikTok video that shows a ‘woman frozen in the street’ has been going viral on the platform and it has led to several glitches in the matrix theories.

The social media community is obsessed with theories that there’s a glitch on the matrix. This was no different for people who came across the video of a woman allegedly frozen in the streets. The video has gone viral. It is now the most talked about topic after UFOs.

TikTok Video of A Woman Frozen in Street Explored

People came across an uploaded TikTok by the user @unknown1575489 a couple of days back. The caption for it read: “NPC caught lacking.”

The camera is pointing at a woman wearing white pants and a blue shirt. The audio in the background can be heard saying: “Why is she frozen? Bro. I’m tripping.” However, a second later the woman can be seen walking again, almost like the pause button was turned to play.

It has been viewed 5.3 Million times and is already viral.

Commentaries on the Glitch Theory of Matrix Flooded

People were eager to share their opinions on the glitches they saw in the matrix after watching the video. One user wrote: “I actually think the matrix is real.”

Another added: “She disconnected for a sec.” “Sometimes I think we’ve slipped into a different dimension,” read one more comment. “Glitch in the matrix,” noted another.

“Damn I knew the matrix was real,” wrote one more. “We’re in a simulation,” said another. “She glitched out,” read one more comment.

It isn’t the first time that this has occurred

Other videos have shown things frozen in the past. People recently came across a video that appeared to show a plane frozen in mid-air.

While the driver was driving past the plane and taking video, the plane appeared to remain stationary. Others thought that it was just a matrix glitch, while some believed it was parallax.

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