The Masked Singer Reveals the Identity of Walrus & Milkshake during the ’90s Night

The Masked Singer Reveals the Identity of Walrus & Milkshake during the '90s Night

Despite being pushed back, pushed, and pushed by World Series,Masked Singer’sThe 100th episode of the ’90s Night was a success. Tag Team, a rap duo from the 1990s that also served asMasked SingerThis episode features hype men. “Whoomp! (There It Is)”As part of the episode’s throwback theme. Lance Bass from NSYNC made his debut on the show. However, he was not a contestant. Danielle Fishel (a friend and fellow ’90s star) joined him to assist each contestant.

Last week’s champions, the Lambs were up against Walrus and Milkshake this week. Each mask sang a different 90s hit. Walrus started by singing Spin Doctors. “Two Princes,”Then Milkshake sang Sir Mix-a-Lot “Jump on It,”Lambs sang Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic.”Walrus was home when Nicole Scherzinger received a hug from Ken Jeong. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg claimed that John Stamos was the singer. Scherzinger, however, guessed Mario Lopez. Robin Thicke identified Walrus, however, as the ’90s heartthrob.BlossomFrom the opening seconds of the episode, Joey Lawrence is the star.

Milkshake was now facing the Lambs. Each contestant was free to perform Haddaway’s song. “What Is Love.”The panelists were able to accept the Lamb’s stripped-down version of the song and sent them on to the semi-finals. Milkshake was forced to reveal her identity, and the guesses of the panelists were not very accurate. Jeong, McCarthy-Wahlberg and Scherzinger went for the rapper route. They guessed LL Cool J, DJ Jazzy Jeff and T.I. but only Thicke was close to his guess of DeSean Jackson, an NFL star. It was discovered that Milkshake was a former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell.

Next week’s final episode will feature three brand-new masks. After hisMasked Singerappearance, Lawrence spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his experiences on the show. Lawrence answered that he had discussed the show with his brothers Matthew and Andrew. “I certainly would have. Believe it or not, the brothers and I are working together on a lot of things again, for the first time in a long time, which is exciting. Actually, the reason why [Masked Singer] came up is because yes, for years, they’ve been guessing either myself or it was me and my brothers, like they did earlierthis season with the Mummies. So it just made sense.”

He said, “But Fox and myself, [there’s] my success on Tubi, which is their streaming service, and then [the movie]Frankie Meets Jack, which is a script that my wife and I wrote, which will be their big kind of romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day coming out in 2023, and we just got back from Boston shooting that for a couple months. It’s this kind of burgeoning relationship with Fox. So we were able to slot myself intoMasked Singer, which we’ve been trying to do for a couple years now for this week, which is great. And then we have a new show we’re working on with Fox, with my brothers and I, for the first time in 17 years. So we’re really excited about that and our growing relationship with Fox and all the great people that work there.”

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