The Man Who Perished is Dissected and Displayed at a $500 Ticketed Event

David Saunders lived a long, successful life. He reached 98 years of age. He died at the age of 98. CovidLike so many others in the past couple of years. This is only the beginning. The Covid The family was shocked enough by the death, but what followed was like something out of a horror movie and left them reeling.

Warning! This is a very dark scene.

They did WHAT with the body

Imagine your loved one dying in a horrible pandemic. Only to find out that the body was being sold for $500 per head. We are saying this because it is exactly what happened with the Saunders family. As if losing their patriarch wasn’t troubling enough.

A man by the name Jeremy Ciliberto created DeathScience.Org, which has been touring as part an Oddities and CuriositiesAn event that informs people about medical science like autopsies. What that means in simple terms is it’s a live, pay-per-view event for autopsies. This is where Saunders ended up, who wanted to donate his mortal remains for science.

The first autopsy was held at the Portland Marriott on October 7, and many authorities were left in disbelief. Kimberly DiLeo (chief medical death investigator in Multnomah County Oregon) had some very sharp words to say about this first event. “We feel that this was not respectful and certainly not ethical.”Oregon was quick to react, and the second event, which was to have been David Saunders public sex, was quickly canceled due to further ethics questions.

One photojournalist who witnessed the first event and captured the surreal scene unfolding, shared this: “Paying customers filed into a lower floor ballroom at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront hotel. On a table in the center of the ballroom, a figure lay draped in a white sheet. The VIP customers, who paid the $500 ticket price, sat in the front row inches from the table. He then sliced into the head, limbs, and torso of the expired man while onlookers gawked.” Some claim it is educational.Others who were present have also pointed out how disconcerting and disturbing they found the entire thing.

The Event: Fallout

Jeremy Ciliberto, the founder of the event, claims it is educational. This may be true for some attendees. But ethics is the real problem. He claims to have paid over ten thousand dollars for each body. This is according to Med Ed Labs in Las Vegas, which is a non-profit organization that purchases bodies donated in the name science. Many people seem to be able to grasp the fact that these bodies are donated free of charge, but Med Ed then sells them for as high as ten grand.

Ciliberto insists he does all things by the book, even though it can be very confusing for some. He also stated, in his words: “consent is not his responsibility.”That is what he calls Med Ed Labs. It seems like there is a lot deflecting going.

What Happens Now?!

The Marriott Hotel was disturbed to find out what the Oregon event was. The hotel was told that the event was illegal. “medical equipment training”It approved it. Suffice it to say, once it found out it was for the public dissection of a human body, it quickly canceled the Seattle event, sparing David Saunders’ family even more trauma.

Ciliberto is not discouraged. A recent statement by Ciliberto stated that he was searching for new venues to host these events in 2022. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. The life in 2021 can be quite bizarre. This story might just be the most bizarre.

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