The life hack I used to save time at Customs when traveling internationally

Two adventurous travelers discovered a tip that can potentially save you time at the airport.

Most international travelers find that waiting in line at the immigration desk is an unpleasant and inescapable experience. But it does not have to be.

Two savvy travelers revealed a little-known trick that can help bypass long lines at customs at the airport


Two smart travelers have revealed a trick little known that will help you bypass the long customs lines at airports./whatjmandbriandid
By signing up for a mobile passport, travelers can avoid massive lines at customs


Signing up for the mobile passport allows travelers to avoid long lines at Customs.Credit: Getty

In an Instagram Video JM & Brian, two travel influencers who have been active on social media for years, revealed an important travel tip earlier this year that helped them bypass long lines by using a lesser-known alternate option.

JM and Brian were faced with an arduous wait to pass through immigration. They noticed there was virtually no queue for anyone with a portable passport.

JM says in the clip that there was a smaller line when it came to something with’mobile passport’.

Brian looked it up immediately on his mobile phone.

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Literally download [the app] The line that contains all the information on our passports.”

The pair decided to sign up for a passport that could help them save time.

In record time, the passengers were on their way to baggage claim with their mobile passports.

We walked up to the counter and saw that there were three people ahead of us. So we went through. Now we’re waiting for our bags.

US Customs and Border Protection You can find out more about this website atA mobile passport is “a secure, free app that allows eligible travelers to upload their travel documents, photos, and Customs Declaration information via their mobile phone or device.”

Signing up for the mobile passport is completely free.

Although this option may seem similar to Global Entry (the more popular choice), it has important differences.

The Global Entry signup is much more involved than the other options.

Global Entry, for example, requires a rigorous vetting before approval.

For travelers to gain Global Entry, they must undergo an interview in person and go through a background check.

In contrast, mobile passports may be available to any US resident with a valid passport and mobile phone.

Mobile passport owners have access to less busy desks and kiosks when going through immigration


When going through immigration, mobile passport holders can access less busy kiosks and desks/whatjmandbriandid
Travelers can sign up for a mobile passport through the Mobile Passport Control app on their phone


Mobile Passport Control on your phone is the app travelers can download to get a mobile pass./whatjmandbriandid

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