The Infamous Hulk today had to deal with potential blunt impact injuries

The Infamous Hulk today had to deal with potential blunt impact injuries

As it turns out, Hulk Gamma Green Smash Fists was named as one of WATCH’s “10 Worst Toys” in 2012 — nine years after its first version hit the toy aisles. TikTok’s creator 20_years_ago_ pointed out in July 2023, the Hulk fists — then known as “Electronic Hulk Hands” — were all the rage for consumers when they were first released by Toy Biz in July 2003.

According to 20_years_ago_ the Hulk Hands idea was born out of Toy Biz’s brainstorming session, which sought to find ideas for another Hulk toy after its success with the “Spider-Man Web Blaster”. Hulk Hands with their electronic sounds was made to accompany the release of 2003’s “Hulk” starring Eric Bana. As a result, retailers struggled to keep up with high demand.

Toy Biz, in addition to producing the Hulk Hands and a rock-like hand based on The Thing from “The Fantastic Four”, produced another pair of hands in 2005. According to 20_years_ago_, “this toy version was labeled a dangerous toy due to blunt-force trauma injuries,” despite the fact that the foam gloves and package stated they were intended for “dress-up fantasy play.”

The consumers ignored all warnings and disclaimers on the Hulk Hands. However, 20_years_ago_ reported that “they were also quite popular with college students who participated in Hulk Hand fighting clubs.”

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