The hidden iPhone feature that prevents battery destruction and costly bills is only now being discovered by people.

CHARGING your iPhone’s battery completely every time can actually hurt your device’s lifespan, but there is one hidden feature that can help prevent that.

Recently, experts have revealed that iPhone users should keep their devices’ battery between 20-80%.

Experts are warning iPhone users to not charge their devices fully


iPhone users should not fully charge their iPhones, according to expertsCredit: Getty
iPhone users can set a charging limit notification through Apple's Shortcuts app


Apple Shortcuts allows iPhone users to set up a notification for the charging limit.Credit: Waqas Tech / YouTube
The notification will prompt iPhone users to stop charging their device before it reaches 100%


iPhone users will be prompted to turn off their devices before they reach 100% charge.Credit: Waqas Tech / YouTube

They warn that regularly charging the device to 100% can harm the iPhone’s Lithium-ion battery long term.

There is a feature hidden in the iPhone that makes it much easier for users.

The feature is an alert sent to the phone to prompt you to unplug it from the device.

The clever Shortcuts app allows you to create shortcuts.

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Apple released iOS13 in September 2019 and added shortcuts to the app list.

The purpose of this app is to allow iPhone users to create automated actions that will make using their device and their life more convenient.

The app lets users create custom notifications. They can schedule messages or even eject water out of iPhone speakers.

Follow these steps to create an alert regarding the battery level:

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  1. Shortcuts is available on the iPhone.
  2. Select the “Automation” menu option at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select “Create Personal Automation” (If you already have an automatic shortcut created, tap the plus button the top right corner)
  4. Scroll until you find “Battery Level” and select the menu option
  5. Adjust the slider to your preferred battery level to receive the notification at – like 80%
  6. The Next Hit
  7. Select the “Add Action” button and search for the “Speak Text” option
  8. Select “Speak Text” and type what you wish the notification to say – such as “Charging Notification” or “Charging Limit Reached”
  9. The Next Hit
  10. Tap the available toggle button to turn off the “Ask Before Running” option and confirm the action
  11. Get the job done!

To delete the notification, go to your automation menu. Swipe left and click delete.

This feature does not stop the phone charging automatically. Instead, it will alert you that your device must be removed manually.

Although it may be a little annoying, you could end up saving your iPhone battery in the long term.

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