The Good Doctor went Full Grey’s Anatomy to resolve the Bloody Cliffhanger. But did it work?

The Good Doctor went Full Grey's Anatomy to resolve the Bloody Cliffhanger. But did it work?

Spoilers ahead for Season 6’s premiere The Good DoctorABC calls it “Afterparty”Season 6 Grey’s Anatomy.

As one would expect after seeing how the Finale of fifth season The Good Doctor ended, ShaunAnd Lea’s wedding reception was interrupted in the worst way shortly after the Season 6 premiere began. The spring finale was a memorable one. Dr. LimAnd Nurse Villaneuva brutally stabbed by the nurse’s abusive ex, while music blasting at the reception meant none of the other doctors heard what happened. The major storyline of Season 6 was going to revolve around whether they survived. The Good Doctor instead went full Grey’s Anatomy with a storyline that called back to one of the drama’s most iconic arcs. Is it a good way for Season 6 to begin? 

Consider this: The Good DoctorSeason 5 ended with a scene that totally reminded me. NBC’s long-running medical drama ERI came back for more. Grey’s similarities probably won’t do its fellow ABC series any harm! Last season was ended with OwenThen, he stabbed Villaneuva from off-screen and then he stabbed Lim when she came upon the scene. I honestly thought that was more or less the end of the violent part of the story – with Owen as a stabber who would of course be captured while most of the next episode centered on trying to save Lim. What a mistake!

It was a pleasant surprise that Owen pulled out a gun to turn the stabbing situation into an active-shooter situation. I was reminded immediately of this. Grey’s AnatomyThis two-parter ended Season 6 by a shooter taking his route through Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. With Season 19, it’s still a season. Only days until the premiere, The shooter arc Grey’s AnatomyOne of the most terrifying, tragic, and heartbreaking is This series is game-changing. There are many hospital dramas that include a shooter and lockdown, with key characters separated at key moments. Grey’sThey are unavoidable. 

Und ich würde sagen, The Good DoctorThese comparisons don’t hold up very well. The two shows certainly aren’t identical, for all that they both primarily focus on surgeons. Season 6 Grey’sA much larger ensemble than The Good DoctorIt does. This meant that it could kill some prominent characters to raise stakes, without actually killing any of the highest-billed players. (R.I.P. PercyAnd Reed, though.) Not even the shooter or Nurse Villanueva – who I admittedly thought was a goner back in the Season 5 finale, which you can revisit streaming with a Hulu subscription – died in “Afterparty.” 

With the shooter on, the death toll was much lower. The Good DoctorComparing to Grey’s AnatomyHowever, “Afterparty”It did, however, end in a way which ensured that the effects would continue to feel as if they had been on forever. Grey’s. Lim had some very difficult moments during her surgery, but she woke up paralysed, apparently from the waist down. That precise twist didn’t happen on Grey’s, but the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West definitely didn’t just shake off their traumatic situation either. 

So, it was The Good Doctor’s “Afterparty”A carbon copy of Grey’s Anatomy’s shooter two-parter back in 2009? Absolutely not. It was a one-hour premiere, which ended with everyone in the smaller ensemble still alive. Grey’sIt was a two-hour-long event with high stakes once one of the doctors had been killed. Despite the hospital lockdown and shooter, my mind went straight to Grey’sIt was a good thing. The Good Doctor’s premiere was largely so solid that the comparisons don’t do any harm. (I’m not sure what to think of Lea as a nurse.

Check out what happens next The Good DoctorABC will broadcast new episodes Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET in the 2022 TV premiere schedule. Thanks to the way he saved the day and avoided any professional consequences, Shaun seems to have avoided any professional penalties for his OR collapse. MorganAnd ParkAs a couple. I’m just hoping that AsherTake a break on one of these days!

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