The Flash was filmed in which country?

From enemy hiding spots to Bat Cave, THE FLASH’s adventures took him all over the world.

Warner Bros. produced the film in London and Scotland to bring this superhero story to cinemas around the world.

DC Comic's The Flash shot the movie's scenes in several places in London and Scotland


DC Comics The Flash filmed scenes for the film in London and ScotlandAlamy

The Flash was filmed in which country?

Filming and principal photography for The Flash took place between April 19 and October 18 in 2021.

  • Burghley House, Lincolnshire
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral in London
  • Goodenough College Mecklenburgh Square London
  • Ingram Street in Glasgow
  • George Square, Glasgow
  • John Street Glasgow
  • Cochrane Street, Glasgow
  • Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire
  • Warner Bros. Studios, Hertfordshire

Burghley House

Scenes with The Flash and Batman at Wayne Manor were filmed at Burghley House


Burghley house was the location for scenes with The Flash and Batman filmed in Wayne ManorAlamy

Batman, a member of the Justice League joins The Flash’s titular character.

Many of the film scenes are set at Wayne Manor, Batman’s estate.

Burghley House, the historic landmark in Lincolnshire, is known as Wayne Manor.

Burghley house, located in England at Peterborough Stamford, PE9 3JY, has a royal history dating back to Elizabethan times.

William Cecil Burghley, the 1st Baron Burghley’s principal advisor to Queen Elizabeth I between 1555 and1587 built The Prodigy House.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral doubles as The Flash's big-screen version of Central City


St. Paul’s Cathedral also doubles as The Flash’s version of Central City on the big-screenCredit: Getty

St. Paul’s Cathedral was also used by The Flash’s crew and cast to shoot scenes.

St. Paul’s Churchyard in London, EC4M8AD is the location of this massive church.

This area also served as the backdrop of Barry Allen’s home town, Central City.

George Square

Located in the middle of Glasgow, The Flash's Gotham City sequences were filmed in George Square


George Square is located in Glasgow’s city centre. The Flash’s Gotham City scenes were shot there.Alamy

Glasgow’s George Square was Batman’s Gotham City. St. Paul’s Churchyard in London doubled up as Central City.

Ingram Streets, John Streets, and Cochrane Street were all used in the filming of The Flash.

Residents in the area spotted a Batmobile on display at a bakery named Greggs.

In late July 2021, filming was conducted in Glasgow in the above mentioned areas.

The Flash takes place in which city?

Barry Allen lives in Central City, Barry Allen’s home town. Bruce Wayne lives in Gotham City.

They also travel to Siberia after The Flash and Batman work together to restore order in their timeline and world.

Storyline of the superhero film switches from 2013 to present-day.

Where can I go to see the sites?

Burghley hosts an array of events for both residents and visitors throughout the entire year.

This historic venue is available to rent for other events such as weddings and corporate parties.

Elizabethan Prodigy House is a collection of attractions and shops that opens as early as 7:30am BST.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral offers daily public worship and masses.

Visitors can also book tickets for sightseeing to see the 1697-built historic church.

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