The Family Man’s Suchi “The most hated character” | Priyamani’s opinions on Season 3 Release Date

The Family Man's Suchi "The most hated character" | Priyamani's opinions on Season 3 Release Date

Do you also hate Suchi? Then Priyamani has done a tremendous job playing her character as Suchi on Amazon Prime Video’s Family Man, now streaming two seasons. Actor Priyamani has recently revealed the responses from the fans of The Family Man after the release of its second season. This article will let you into Priyamani’s opinions as well as all of the recent updates of The Family Man Season 3.

The Family Man's Suchi "The most hated character" | Priyamani's opinions on Season 3 Release Date

The hate comments directed at Suchi, wife of the lead character Srikant Tiwari played by Manoj Bajpayee has been falling upon the lead actress Priyamani, who recently expressed her astonishment in this regard.

If you have watched the show you will understand the emotions under which the fans are responding to Suchi. In the lately released Season 2 of The Family Man there are heavy implications regarding an affair between Suchi and her coworker Arvind, yet another hated character by popular demand. But is it fair to Priyamani who has done an amazing job on par with other actors on The Family Man both Seasons?

priyamani as suchi in the family man most hated character

In an interview with a journalist, Priyamani has revealed how she receives hate mails and comments demanding why she stabbed Srikant in the back. She is surely doubting that it is unfair to her as she has to be attacked for the behaviour of a character she played on screen. “I also hear that Suchi is one of the most hated characters in the web series world right now, post season two. I must have done something right for them to hate the character that much”, she spoke in her interview.

The hot topic of discussion currently hitting waves on social media concerning The Family Man is “what happened in Lonavala”. It remains a mystery, likely the reason why fans are pointing fingers at the actor. The Family Man’s co-director Suparn Varma in an interview with Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival responded to this fan movement as sexist and adds that Suchi deserves her own life and privacy.

If you are reading this and hate Suchi it’s alright. But, hurting the actor who did justice to her character is out of the limit. The actor also expressed how she thought against addressing the situation publicly after a discussion with the creators of The Family Man. The least the fans could do is stop raising hate comments against her.

actor priyamani and manoj bhajpayee playing suchi and srikant in the family man

The Family Man on Amazon Prime Video: Streaming Seasons 1 and 2

The Family Man is a brilliantly executed series currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It is imperative that the characters played by Priyamani and Manoj Bhajpayee face difficulties in their relationship considering the stressful work handled by Srikant and the outgoing nature of Suchi. The most realistic expression of family relationships we have seen recently is a direct reflection on Amazon Prime Video’s Family Man.

The Family Man's Suchi "The most hated character" | Priyamani's opinions on Season 3 Release Date

A show that keeps the viewers entertained and gripped to their seats with action and drama, The Family Man is a great watch.

Will The Family Man return to Amazon Prime Video with Season 3?

The creators are happy at how the Season 2 of The Family Man shaped up. And what do you think it means? Yes, they have given the green light to The Family Man Season 3! The ideas are currently being discussed after Amazon Prime Video’s renewal of The Family Man’s Season 3.

The Family Man's Suchi "The most hated character" | Priyamani's opinions on Season 3 Release Date

Given the cliffhanger ending and great viewer ratings, it must have been obvious the show would return on Amazon Prime Video as season 3 but there has not been any official announcement regarding it. Also, here’s something interesting. Word’s out that Season 3 will involve more from the Northeastern states of India. Thrilled?

Let’s wait until the release date is confirmed to watch The Family Man Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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