The Ellen Interview With Meghan Markle is Not a Good Idea.

The Ellen Interview With Meghan Markle is Not a Good Idea.

Ellen DeGeneres decided to wind down her talk-show after several allegations of a toxic set. The Hollywood Reporter. As The TimesAccording to reports, Meghan Markle was also accused of bullying staff. As Central RecorderIt didn’t take long for people noticed the similarities between the bullying allegations about Meghan and Ellen. “I must say, whatever your view on Meghan, this is a weird choice for her,”One TwitterUser noted. “With Ellen ending because of bullying allegations, it seems like such an odd choice for her to do the show. I would think that with her own bullying investigation that PR wise this would be a clear no-no,”The poster was continued. “2 people with tarnished reputations wanting their final 15 minutes,”Someone else Quipped.

BuzzFeed’s Ellie Hall Tweet, “Since Harry and Meghan now have 100% control over their brand/publicity, this interview is a CHOICE.”She said, “No matter what you think of the validity of the claims, Meghan, like Ellen, has been accused of bullying and leading a toxic workplace.”Others disagreed with Ellen’s view that Meghan and Ellen were similar in their past allegations. The topic of bullying and toxic workplace environments was a hot topic on social media after Meghan’s appearance on Ellen. It is clear that neither entertainer intended this.

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