The Biggest Jeopardy Record Matt Amodio Just Made

The Biggest Jeopardy Record Matt Amodio Just Made

Matt Amodio won another game on October 1. This is his second win. According to PeopleMagazine, Amodio now boasts a staggering 33 wins and has exceeded former records “Jeopardy!” champion James Holzhauer. Only one other “Jeopardy!” champion stands in Amodio’s way of all-time greatness, and that’s Ken Jennings, who won an impressive 74 games in a row back in 2004.

“My name may be near Brad, Ken, and then James in the record book, but I’m just glad I’m not up near them with buzzers in their hands, because we know who the real GOATS still are,”Amodio, humble in his interview after his October 1 win (via YouTube “[Ken] always been the face of Jeopardy! to me, and so when I think of Jeopardy!, I think of him. To [be] right behind him is a surreal experience,” Amodio said. He also revealed that he’s watched Jennings on the show, and he took one thing in particular from him to help him out — his demeanor. Amodio was very kind to Jennings. “great stoic personality.”

Amodio is up to $1,267.801 so far. However, he said that he feels more pressure to win more. The pressure is on, because Amodio doesn’t appear to be saying goodbye. “Jeopardy!” anytime soon — and we’re totally here for it.

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