The Bachelorette: Who gets Charity’s first impression rose? (SPOILERS)

Charity’s first rose is given to her very first connection in the premiere of ‘The Bachelorette Season 20’ and this man could be a big success.

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Charity Lawson with her 'Bachelorette' Contestants
Source: ABC

The following article contains spoilers about the Season 20 premier of Bachelorette.

Not every day you can say that. Bachelorette On night 1, the lead’s brother/best friend is on hand to eliminate any problematic candidates. Charity Lawson got that in Season 20, and her brother Nehemiah Lawson was almost able to convince Charity Lawson to weed out a potential frontrunner.

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Charity surprises both the other participants and the audience when she praises him for expressing his feelings. What is the first impression of Charity? Bachelorette? It’s not guaranteed that the recipient will make it to the top two. But the rose is a sign of a good start.

Charity Lawson attends a 'Bachelorette' premiere party
Source: ABC

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The Bachelorette: Who receives Charity’s First Impressions Rose?

Charity has no problem kissing the men with whom she felt a spark during the first episode of the new season. In fact, the man to whom Charity gives the rose gets one or two of these kisses. Brayden bowers gets her first rose, which is a surprise to all the men.

Brayden kisses Charity. Or is it the opposite?After he kisses Charity (or is it the other way around? Bachelorette Lead to the bartender who is actually Nehemiah. Nehemiah tells Charity that Brayden’s admission about the kiss made him think he was cocky.

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Brayden from Season 20 of 'The Bachelorette'
Source: ABC

Charity is concerned that Brayden might be getting a little cocky. Things take an unexpected twist when Charity confronts Brayden. Charity is impressed by Brayden for his honesty, and seems to be in love with him. To smitten for him to refuse the rose, and certainly too smitten It is not clear how to get there. You can kiss him once more.

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How far will Brayden go on the Bachelorette?

As of yet, Brayden’s Instagram We don’t have much information to determine how far he goes. Bachelorette. The preview for Season 20 premiere showed him with Charity several times. They look to be closer than in the first episode.

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It is important to note that just because Brayden receives the first-impression rose does not mean he will make it to the very end or to even the top four or five. It has now run for more than 20 years. Bachelorette Only a small number of times has there been a connection between first impression winner of roses and season’s overall winner.

Charity feels an immediate connection to Brayden, and that’s worth something.

Watch Bachelorette ABC airs Mondays, 9 pm EST.

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