The Bachelorette Makes a Significant Shift on July 25th Episode

If that wasn’t enough dramatic, it was time to have a 19-on-2 group dating, the largest in Bachelor Nation History. The guys and the Bachelorettes completed some very weird photoshoots—at one point Meatballwas dressed as a giant baby and birthed by another contestant dressed in a hospital gown, for some reason—the group got dressed up for a night at SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

The night was highlighted—or low-lighted, if you will—by an uncomfortable conversation between Gabby and HaydenHayden informed Rachel that he was more concerned in Rachel. “rough around the edges.” TylerAnd Jacob proceeded to tell Gabby that they were only interested in Rachel, as well.

Host once again returns to the mansion Jesse PalmerGabby and Rachel urged Jesse to cancel the cocktail party and change the format of show. Jesse explained that he accepted a rose at the rose ceremonies. “you are committing to dating one woman, the woman that offers you the rose and not the other.”The men were basically divided into two groups.

It was time for the finale. The dynamic changed when some men pledged their support to Gabby rather than Rachel.Termayne, AlecAnd Meatballall declining Rachel’s roses. Gabby did not pick any of them and all were sent home with Jacob.

Because one twist is never enough Rachel saved Rachel’s last rose for Hayden, who called Gabby. “rough around the edges”Just hours before, he had accepted. Is there going to be any friction between the bachelorettes and the men?

Discover what’s in store for you! The BacheloretteAirs Mondays at 8 PM. ET on ABC.

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