The Alleged Reason Why HGTV’s Flip Or Flop Ended After Ten Seasons

The Alleged Reason Why HGTV's Flip Or Flop Ended After Ten Seasons

Flip or FlopStars Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack The shocking blow delivered to fansThey announced earlier this week that Season 10 would be the end of their home renovation/real estate series. This means that the series finale will take place within days of the reveal. We now know why El Moussa and Haack decided to end their 10 blockbuster seasons.

What is the reason Flip or Flop ends after 10 seasons?

Christina Haack, Tarek El Moussa and Tarek El Mossa made statements on their respective Instagram pages on Thursday to let their millions-of fans know. Flip or FlopThe show was reaching the end of its long lifespan. The last episode will air next Wednesday. While both actors thanked everyone who made the series so successful, they also noted that the news about the show’s ending was shocking. “bittersweet,”Both have not spoken out about the reasons. Flip or FlopThe end is near.

An anonymous show insider spoke to however. People, all of the viewers who’ll be sad to see the show go can probably guess at the main, alleged reason that Haack and El Moussa have decided to end their popular series:

Christina and Tarek are usually cordial. They are co-parenting, and nothing can stop them. The show was becoming too intimate at this point, so it was time to end that chapter.

It might seem odd to call the home of a show about home renovations “home renovations”, but it is possible. “intimate,”Many fans will be aware that El Moussa and Haack have worked together in very different circumstances over the past six years. Flip or FlopIn 2013, the show was launched. They were married at the time of the show’s creation, but they divorced in 2016. The couple continued to work together on the program even though their lives had changed.

Haack was married to Ant Anstead, the host of Celebrity IOU – JoyrideThey were just one year apart when they married in December 2018. Hudson, Hudson, their now 2-year-old son was born in 2019. The couple split upHe was born in September 2020, just one year later. Since September 2021, Haack is now engaged to Josh Hall, a real estate agent. Meanwhile, El Moussa married Selling SunsetHeather Rae Young stars in October 2021, just two years after they started dating. 

The source said that their main focus is on co-parenting their twins, Taylor, 11 and Brayden, 6. Fans have witnessed them fight gently over design options. Get togetherIf they made mistakes or poke fun of one another on the show Flip or FlopThey have split since then. Their banter on-cameraThe exchange was mostly cordial.

Unfortunately, things are not as easy behind the scenes. Flip or FlopIt was, at the very least, recently. It was less then a year ago in late July 2021. A verbal tiradeHaack, in front the crew. This allegedly included him calling Haack a sexy woman. “washed up loser”Noting, among other things, that Haack’s new partner is more attractive and wealthy than Haack. 

El Moussa was reputed to have been “super remorseful”Later, they both realized their differences and decided to reconcile. We moved on to the next part of the show.But the news of his actions caused word to spread that the ex-couple had previously been made to film separate or abandoned filming altogether to allow them to rest for a day following disagreements.

It seems that despite their best efforts to remain professional so that they can be more effective, Flip or FlopChristina Haacksa and TarekEl Moussa could go on, but they realized that it was time to get rid of their business interests. Their children will be the only thing that they discuss moving forward. 

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