The Alcott song meanings of Taylor Swift & The National

The Alcott is a collaboration between Taylor Swift & The National.

The Lavender Haze singer is currently occupied with her 2023 The Eras Tour across the United States, which includes stops in Glendale, Las Vegas, Arlington, Tampa, Houston, Atlanta, and Nashville, among many more.

While The Eras Tour is making headlines for some of the most spectacular shows in musical concert history, Twitter has been buzzing over Taylor’s new collaboration with The National.

The Alcott and The National lyrics

On Friday (April 28), Taylor and The National dropped The Alcott, a song part of the band’s ninth studio album First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

The song opens with an introduction to the Alcott Hotel Bar, which was a favorite hangout for two ex-partners when they were in lust.

It is clear from the song’s lyrics that at least one person has a dream of spending some time with his or her ex in their old haunt.

The threads of my life are twisted.
The Alcott is looking forward to meeting you
I’d go to the corner in the back
Where you’d always be
And there you are, sittin’ as usual
Golden notebook
You can write about anyone.
What used to me?

Alcott – Meaning explained

The National’s Matt Berninger explained that the song is a “contained moment and narrative between two people” at a place they “used to hang out.”

The song is written in honor of Matt’s wife Carin Besser. Matt highlighted that Taylor “wrote all her stuff as a response to me, and very much from the perspective of my wife, who I was writing about.”

So, that’s here explained, the song’s lyrics are not about Taylor’s ex-partner Joe Alwyn!

“It very much is a perspective of one person sort of coming to try to reconnect with the other person in a hotel bar,” Matt revealed in an interview with Zane Lowe Show. “I’d written all that side of it and Aaron sent it to Taylor [Swift] right away and I think she jumped right into the role of the other voice, the other perspective.”

“It sets a scene of a person with a notebook writing in a bar…and she fit right into that spot,” Matt added.

Taylor wrote the lyrics to her song

In a media release, The National founding member and musician Aaron Dessner said he believed the song would “click” with Taylor and she responded back with a full version of her part and a voice memo.

“Matt wrote the main part of the song to some music I had written which Taylor had heard and I knew liked, so I thought it might be something she would really click with. I sent it to her and was a little nervous as I didn’t hear back for 20 minutes or so.

“By the time she responded, Taylor had written all her parts and recorded a voice memo with the lyrics she’d added in a dialogue with Matt, and everyone fell immediately in love with it. It felt meant to be.”

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