The 13-year old me would be screaming if she saw me today

A girl from the COUNTRY who was glowing has revealed her happiness to the world.

She showed her transformation over time by posting on social media.

A county girl who has had a glow-up was excited to share her new look with social media users


A girl from the county who had undergone a makeover was eager to show off her new look on social media.Credit: TikTok/halliem33
People thought she looked gorgeous


She was praised for her beautyCredit: TikTok/halliem33

Hallie, a 13-year old girl (@halliem33TikTok – a TikTok by. Video.

She showed a picture of her from when she was 13 – she was clad in a pink Aeropostale shirt and skinny jeans.

The straight brown hair of her fell down to her shoulders.

She then showed an image of her post-glow-up, wearing a salmon-colored dress with chunky heels – she was all smiles as she stood before some grass, a pink and orange sunset in the background.

Some commenters acknowledged the glow in her eyes.

The person who wrote this said: “Absolutely stunning”

“You’re absolutely beautiful,” a second added.

Another woman had shared that she did a complete makeover.

According to Madie, she used “proper skincare,” had veneers done, and got hair extensions, to “transform” her looks.

She revealed that her “old teeth” made her feel “nauseous” and as a result, she underwent the epic transformation to give her a confidence boost.

Madie took to TikTok for a 12-second video to showcase her new glow. She posed before the camera and showed her pearly whites.

Her hair and face were free of make-up.

Post-makeover, she wore a pink corset top and had her long hair down and curled.

Madie, who was once a redhead, explained she had blonde extensions put on to change her appearance.

She showed an image of her post-glow-up, wearing a salmon-colored dress with chunky heels


She posted a picture of herself wearing chunky heels and a dress in salmon color.Credit: TikTok/halliem33

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