The 12 best 4th July memes will make you laugh and turn British ‘Treason’ Day upside down

We take a look back at some of the funniest memes that poke fun at Americans and British on the 4th July, a holiday with national significance.

The United States‘ Independence Day, celebrated on the 4th of July annually, is an opportunity to spend time with family, enjoy the federal holiday, and celebrate the country’s history. But it’s also proven a source of comedy year after year, as the internet gets flooded with memes about Independence Day and its history in the days leading up to July 4th.

Best British 4th July memes

The Declaration of Independence, issued on July 4, 1776 by the United States government, granted all thirteen American colonies independence from Great Britain. The American colonies belonged to the British Empire from 1607-1783.

The American colonies were able establish an official alliance between France and themselves by declaring independence. In return, they received French support in the American Revolutionary War or American War of Independence against Great Britain.

Hamilton had to poke fun at Britain on US Independence Day.

This post feels apt for anyone planning some major Tuesday night celebrations…

‘Happy treason day’ returns

This federal holiday, which is commonly known as Independence Day and the Fourth of July is also called Treason Day.

Check out some of the British-themed ‘Treason Day’ memes below:

The internet was not able to resist the urge to involve the new King, Charles III:

‘1776 memes’ about British return on July 4th

Take a look at the funny posts that netizens have made about Independence Day. See some of our most popular posts on this historic year for the United States:

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