Tessica Brown, AKA ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’A Rap Song is Released About Her Hair Mishap

Remember Tessica, the mom who used Gorilla Glue for her hair when she ran out? She has turned her hair tragedy into rap music.

The song is called “The 41-year-old” “Ma Hair,”This is her story about how she got the wrong product.

Tessica wrote the lyrics and even raps a bit about Dr. Michael Obeng. Obeng was the doctor that helped eliminate the industrial-strength chemical.

Tessica was first known for her TikTok video that went viral in February. “Gorilla Glue Girl.”She has a line to merchandise and endorsement deals with influencers that capitalize on her Internet fame.

If you are interested in some TikTok glory Tessica invites her fans to imitate her choreography “Ma Hair”Tag her in your posts.

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