Teri Hatcher’s Surprising Job Before She Was Famous

Teri Hatcher's Surprising Job Before She Was Famous

Teri Hatcher, before dominating the small screen, had a national audience in the NFL as a cheerleader. According to TV Over MindHatcher cheered for the San Francisco 49ers back when they were in 1984. Talking to TMZ in 2014 about that time, the “Desperate Housewives”Actress said that she was not able to bring home a Super Bowl Ring until years later, after her stint as cheerleader.

“I have it from after I did ‘Lois and Clark,'”Hatcher spoke to paparazzi. “I was friendly with the team and the owners, and it was from the Super Bowl that was in Miami.”Hatcher refers to Super Bowl XXIX 1995, when the 49ers defeated the Chargers 49 to 26. Hatcher revealed that she keeps the memento. “in a safe.”Smart thinking!

Hatcher may be ecstatic to have a Super Bowl ring, but she says that the only job she wants to return to is as Susan Mayer. “Desperate Housewives.”In an interview with “Loose Women,”The actor claimed that she would be “the first person”To return to the series. “I never wanted it to be over. I love those characters,”Hatcher said. “I don’t think they’re very good [people]. Just because of the creators — it’s not the women. I think the women would probably all do it” (via Entertainment Tonight). In the meantime, Hatcher started a new venture, which led to some concerning rumors about her financial health.

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