Teenage Son’s final wish was fulfilled by his mom

Her son, who had been battling an illness since 2018, had one final wish after doctors disclosed that he only had a few months left to live—he wanted to dance with his mother one last time.  

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a mother and son had what they believed will be his last dance. The mother described what she called “The Mother’s Last Dance” in August. “the hardest thing”She did everything she could.

Adreana Hawthorne-Anderson shared some of her personal struggles with the public. Her eldest son, Adrean, was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy in 2018.

A mother and her son who has muscular dystrophy embrace and dance together as his final wish after doctors said he only has months to live

Teenage Son's final wish was fulfilled by his mom



The family was shocked when the 13-year old received the diagnosis. The mother explained that most parents receive this news upon birth. Despite the life-changing events, the youngster found reasons to smile.

Anderson had her son when she was 16 years old, and the two of them grew a close bond throughout their years together. She describes she loved her son dearly “caring, independent, smart, compassionate, funny, and gentle.”


Adrean received news from doctors that Adrean had just months left to live. Adrean created a bucket list with all of the things he still wanted. Although it included some of the expected activities like Disney World visits, Adrean had one extra request.

Adrean wanted to dance his last dance with his mom. The mother-son duo could also be seen in a viral video. They were viewed millions of times as they hugged and danced with one another.


The private moment was posted online because Adrean asked his mother to share it. She sat Adrean down and explained to him what the doctors had said.

He asked Anderson if they could create memories together before he died. Anderson: “He asked if we can have one last mother and son dance to our favourite song.”


While they danced, the youngster held onto his mother and looked lovingly into her eyes. He told her that he knew this would be their final dance together.

Anderson expressed :

“He became so overwhelmed with emotion, he cried…he said momma I know in my heart that this is our last dance and I want you to be ok when I leave, please be ok momma.”

A mother and her son who has muscular dystrophy embrace and dance together as his final wish after doctors said he only has months to live


Adrean shared his feelings with his parents before the start of his second semester at school. Adrean spoke candidly with his parents. He wanted to stop taking his medication and feel the same way. “a normal kid” Again.

Anderson shares: “He’s been off the medication, and he’s been happier, it’s like he’s his old self again.” The mother wanted everyone to see how special her son is, and from the supportive and loving reactions online, people recognized this.

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