Team USA Skier Wins Medal in Beijing 50 Years After His Olympian Mom Won Gold

Barbara Ann Cochran knows exactly how it feels to stand on the Olympic podium, having won gold in the women’s slalom at the 1972 Olympics in Japan.

Fifty years later, it all came full circle as she watched her son, American skier Ryan Cochran-Siegle, win silver in the super giant slalom in Beijing. 

“I was in my pajamas, in my bed watching on my laptop. All the lights were out, everybody else was asleep. I did wake other people up when I started screaming, because he was doing so well. I was talking to Ryan like, ‘Go Ryan! Go Ryan’” Cochran told Inside Edition. 

Cochran says she was even able to FaceTime with her son after his win.

“I think we were both just so excited. I was crying and could hardly contain myself, and I think he was feeling the same way. He was feeling really, really good. He was so happy,” Cochran said.

Meanwhile, fellow U.S.A. skier Nina O’Brien is spending the rest of her Olympics at the hospital after suffering a compound fracture in a terrible spill on Monday.

“I had surgery last night to stabilize my tibia. I’m a little heartbroken, but also feeling so much love,” O’Brien said.

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