TBS Cancelled A Comedy The Day It Was To Premiere. That Doesn’t bode Well for Daniel Radcliffe’s Show Cinemablend | Cinemablend


TBS Cancelled A Comedy The Day It Was To Premiere. That Doesn’t bode Well for Daniel Radcliffe’s Show Cinemablend
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While May is always the time of year when broadcast networks send series to the cancellation chopping block — In this regard, the year was particularly prolific — the same can’t be said when it comes to cable and streaming, which obviously aren’t tied to the same fall-to-spring schedules. But regardless of what platform is involved, no one expects shows to get canceled on the very day they’re set to premiere. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happened with SNL vet Nasim Pedrad’s TBS comedy ChadTBS cancelled the show hours before its previously delayed Season 2 premiere. Which doesn’t make me feel extremely optimistic about Daniel Radcliffe’s Miracle Workers

Despite its previous ratings success, the relatably cringeworthy high school comedy was canceled by TBS. ChadAccording to DeadlineAs part of the current transition away scripted programming on TBS and TNT, (For which Chad definitely isn’t the first victim.) But unlike some of its other in-development projects that were cut short after the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger, the goal is for the company’s brass to work with the show’s producers in finding the show a potential new home.

Here’s how a TBS representative explained it in a statement:

We are continuing to evaluate content and implement a new network strategy. As a result, we can share the news that Chad’s second season will not air on TBS. We are actively exploring other options to find the right place for it. We thank Nasim Pedrad for his bold and unexpected coming-of-age story filled with humor and heart. We also want to thank Oly Obst, Max Searle and the cast and crew of Chad, for their partnership.

Deadline reports that even if another platform steps up, they will be able to make a claim. Chad as its own, it’s believed that the deal would include both the unaired season and the first season’s eight episodes. Obviously the goal would also be for a third season to come out of it, considering all the setbacks, but it’s definitely too early to call for that now.

ChadIt has seen a long and hectic life. Star creator Nasim Pedrad initially set it up in 2016 as a Fox pilot. TBS officially ordered the production in 2019, and its debut season aired in April 2021 to a very impressive number of scripted cable series. To the point where the network officially put in a Season 2 order ahead of the first season’s finale, which at the time seemed like a reliable guarantee that we’d all be enjoying more of Chad’s uncomfortable AF teen-ventures a year or so later. This is, in fairness, what the original plan had been. 

TBS released a teaser trailer for Season 2 in February with the announcement that it would premiere on Monday, April 11. Three days before the premiere of Season 2, TBS revealed a teaser for the second season. It announced that it would air on Monday, April 11. ChadIt is now off the schedule. Things looked promising in May when the July 11 premiere date was announced. However, it has now become apparent that things have gone south. 

With ChadThe sudden cancellation of’s abruptly leaves Daniel Radcliffe’s and Steve Buscemi with anthologized comedy shows Miracles WorkersTBS’ last live-action scripted show. There’s only one animated series left. American DadSince Fox was merged with Fox many years ago,, has been a core cable feature. What does this all mean for the sometimes poopy and timeline-shifting silliness? Miracle WorkersWhat is it known for?

We must not forget that Damon Wayans’ return on TV with his comedy series was cut short by TBS The Orange Bear Must Be KilledThat plug was pulled just one week before filming was supposed to begin. JoJo and Jordan Rogers were also part of the dating competition series. The Big DIt wasn’t a scripted show, and the network pulled it several weeks before its premiere. At least SnowpiercerTNT’s last scripted production, ”, was renewed for a fourth year to coincide with the announcement that it would be its final. 

That’s all there is to it, even if Miracle WorkersTBS is not guaranteed to be there to air the film after it edits and completes the fourth season. Maybe whatever plan is put in place for it. ChadSeason 2 may also include the network’s other abandoned projects. 

Although no one will be watching, Chad’s Season 2 premiere as expected, the first season can be streamed on TBS’ website. Go to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see a slew of upcoming series that almost definitely won’t be canceled on the days they’re set to premiere. 


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