Taylor Swift’s “When Emma Falls in Love” resurfaces Emma Stone’s and Andrew Garfield’s relationship

One of the tracks on Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album, Speak Now, titled, When Emma Falls in Love, has resulted in fans looking back at Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s past romance.

There’s a lot to unpack from Taylor Swift‘s forthcoming album, thanks to titles presumably named after her former beaus. You know when we told you about Taylor Lautner’s interesting remark about Dear John?

Fans have deciphered the meanings of the songs in the upcoming Midnights album.

Swifties want to know more about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s time together.

Taylor Swift’s track is titled When Emma Falls in Love

In addition to the 16 tracks featured in the 2010 album, Taylor will be dropping another six “from the vault”, of which one is titled When Emma Falls in Love.

Hayley Williams from Paramore and Fall Out Boy have also joined her for Castles Crumbling, while Electric Touch is a collaboration with both.

Speaking about the collaboration, the singer explained in her Twitter post: “Since Speak Now was all about my songwriting, I decided to go to the artists who I feel influenced me most powerfully as a lyricist at that time and ask them to sing on the album.”

Speak Now Taylor’s Version is slated for a July 7th release.

Fans think song premises on Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship

Before you ask yourself what does Emma and Andrew’s past relationship have to do with Taylor’s new song, you may want to know that the La La Land star and Taylor have been friends for a really long time.

A few fans who were aware of their friendship were quick to assume When Emma Falls in Love was specially dedicated to her friend’s past romance with The Amazing Spider-Man actor, which lasted for four years.

They began dating in 2011, and their relationship ended in 2015. They have both continued to praise each other even after their split.

That’s why many fans think TayTay’s latest song has got something to do with the former couple.

One fan said: “I’m getting a Taylor Swift song about Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the year 2023? 13-year-old me would have been hospitalized over this information.”

“So was anyone going to tell me Taylor Swift writes fanfiction about Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield set during their peak at the TASM era or did you want me to find out about it from the timeline randomly,” said another.

Another opined: “Taylor Swift writing a song about Emma Stone falling in love with Andrew Garfield I know she was a Stonefield shipper too.”

Since years, The Amazing Spider-Man singer and star have been close friends

People are only just learning about Emma and Taylor’s friendship of years, it seems, after the actress shared her experience of attending The Eras Tour when her bestie hooked her up with some tickets.

Emma Tell them to get on with it Vanity Fair, “I’ve known her since we were 17 and 18, so she hooked me up, which was very nice ’cause I know those tickets are impossible to get,” at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic over the weekend.

“She’s a wonderful friend. She is amazing. I mean, the amount of sheer stamina to do three and a half hours and perform 44 songs and to maintain the extreme energy of the audience—I’ve never seen anything like it, ” Emma gushed about Taylor.

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