Taylor Swift’s vault puzzle has a ‘glitch’ that won’t let fans proceed

Taylor Swift’s vault puzzle has a ‘glitch’ that won’t let fans proceed

Taylor Swift’s new vault puzzle meant to uncover the name of new tracks on her upcoming 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album has fans hooked but some have run into a ‘glitch.’ A few people who have gotten through the whole game are also sharing the answers.

Like her previous two Taylor’s Version releases Fearless and Red, the songstress’s upcoming 1989 re-releases will also include some unreleased songs. Taylor Swift famously calls this new addition her ‘from the Vault’ songs. Ahead of her album‘s re-release, the 33-year-old partnered with Google to create a fun puzzle for her Swifties to help them uncover the names of the new songs ahead of the album’s release. But some have run into a “glitch” while doing Taylor Swift’s vault puzzle.

Taylor Swift’s vault puzzle has run into a ‘glitch’

Several fans who tried to get in on the fun revealed that they were facing technical difficulties. Multiple people reported that they were able to get into the game but it’s not working for them. Others reported that they were able to submit a few answers before it stopped working for them.

It is natural for technical glitches to surface anytime Google or any other browser or website is undertaking a mammoth task such as this one. Given that several Swifties are accessing the game at the same time, it is bugging for a few.

One fan also claimed that they were unable to see the puzzle at all. We would suggest you refresh the browser multiple times. Shut it down, open it back up, and try signing in and out several times to get it to work correctly. However, it could also take Google a while to fix any glitch that might have popped up on their end. Besides the actual glitch that many are facing, the word Glitch which is the name of one of Taylor’s songs in the Midnight album, is also a word clue.

‘Glitch’ is also one of the clues for the vault puzzle

One fan typed ‘nice to meet you’ on a Google search while doing the Taylor Swift vault puzzle and was met with a clue for a vault song. When they tried to solve the puzzle, they strongly felt it spelled ‘Glitch’ but the search engine wasn’t accepting their answer.

A few others who ran into the same clue also had the same thing to say about it.

How to do the Taylor Swift vault puzzle?

If you are still new to the Taylor Swift vault puzzle scene, let us get you up to speed. Below are the steps showing how you can participate in the game too.

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