Taylor Swift Just Dropped Her First Instagram Post This Year, And It’s About A ‘Haunting’New Song

Taylor Swift Just Dropped Her First Instagram Post This Year, And It’s About A ‘Haunting’New Song

Taylor Swift’s last two years have been a big one in the music business, with her amazing albums in quarantine and now, her second album. FolkloreAnd Re-recording, rolling out “Taylor’s Version”Follow her music path to discover her original music her masters being sold. With that in mind, it’s understandable why Swift would take some time off of social media. However, we’re over the moon that she just returned to social media for her first announcement of the year, especially since it details what we’ll hear next from her.

Taylor Swift went to InstagramFor the first time in 2022, I will post about a new song. “soon.”The song was written by the artist for the Reese Witherspoon-produced film adaptation. Where the Crawdads sing starring Daisy Edgar Jones. Check out Swift’s announcement:

This singer has many songs that have been used in movies, such as “Safe & Sound”For The Hunger Games, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”For Fifty Shades DarkerAnd “Beautiful Ghosts”For Cats. The obvious theme is that Taylor Swift loves to write music for movies that are based on books. This trend will continue in the upcoming film. Where the Crawdads sing.

This song is called “Carolina,”This seems to be a reference to North Carolina, the film’s location. Where the Crawdads sing is based on Delia Owens’ best-selling book of the same name. The story centers on a woman who was raised in North Carolina marshland and who later becomes the victim of a murder committed by a man who had once been her pursuer.

After her beloved role as Kya in another book adaptation, Daisy Edgar Jones will play the part of Kya. Normal PeopleRecently, Sebastian Stan was also in Fresh. In Taylor Swift’s post, she shared The Where the Crawdads singFirst trailer and shared that she’s been a fan of the book for years. She wrote “Carolina”Aaron Dessner of The Nationals, whom she worked closely alongside FolkloreAnd . She calls it the song “haunting”And “ethereal”It’s just like the story.

Part of “Carolina” can be heard in the background of the trailer and it’s absolutely chilling. Taylor Swift has proven herself to be an amazing storyteller with her music, particularly since her latest albums were fictional stories. FolkloreThe album also featured a love story. Featuring characters named August, Betty and InezThe latter three are the most important. nods to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s kids names.

Where the Crawdads singwill be released July 22, 2022. While Taylor Swift doesn’t define how soon is “soon”Information about when “Carolina” will come out in full, we’ll definitely be looking out for it. As we wait for Taylor Swift’s new song, check out what other In 2022, upcoming movies will be released.

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