Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter’s height difference overshadows every other AMAs 2022 moment

If Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter were hugging, that was the moment that defined the 2022. AMAs: You should be able to see their reactions to the height differences!

Taylor, who is basking on the success her latest album Midnights has achieved, won in all categories for which she was nominated.

And, her moment with Sabrina has become fans’ favorite topic of discussion on Twitter, who are raving about the new pop duo.

We have the answer to your curiosity about the height difference Taylor has with Sabrina.

Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter’s height difference

Taylor stands at 5ft 10in (177cm), while Sabrina is 5ft (152.4cm). You can already imagine the country singer towering over the Disney alum even if you haven’t witnessed their adorable on-stage moment.

Sabrina presented Taylor with the AMA for Favorite Music Video, which she bagged for All Too Well (Taylor’s Version).

However, TayTay gave Sabrina both a squeeze and a pat on her head before she accepted the award.

We would be lying if we said this isn’t one of the cutest moments you’ll find on the Internet today!

Pop duo fans go crazy over

Taylor-Sabrina fans are enjoying every second of the moment, even the ones at the most recent award ceremony. They want more.

One Submitted: “If Taylor Swift has Sabrina Carpenter open for her during the European leg of the Eras tour. I would potentially fly to London.”

A second fan agrees with the tweet above : “If Sabrina Carpenter is an opener for Taylor Swift’s concert, I’ll have to be there”

“I just want to take a moment to say how much I absolutely love Taylor and Sabrina’s relationship,” another.

What number of awards has the Midnights star won?

Taylor won the night, becoming the most-awarded artist in AMAs’ history. He also took home six awards on Sunday night.

She is the current recipient of 40 AMAs.

The singer accepted the Artist of Year award. : “In the past few years, I have released more music than I did in the entire decade preceding that, and I really feel like that’s down to the fact you, the fans, made it clear that you wanted to hear lots of music that I would make. You encouraged me”

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