Taron Egerton’s On Stage Collapse and COVID Diagnosis have caused him to step aside from The West End Play

Taron Egerton's On Stage Collapse and COVID Diagnosis have caused him to step aside from The West End Play

Aron Egerton is a major contributor to films like the Kingsman movies, RocketmanAnd through his voiceover role in SingThe actor spent the last month on stage as a leading role in a London play called COCK. The actor decided to leave the West End play after two incidents.

He was a boyfriend for the first time. Bridgerton lead Jonathan Bailey’s John in COCK, Taron Egerton collapsed while on stageEgerton was joined by Joel Harper Jackson, his understudy. Egerton shared with his fans that he was alive and well the next day. “completely fine”And just had a “slightly sore neck and a bruised ego.”Last week Egerton was positive for COVID-19As well, there are plans to return next week. 

The actor will not be returning, as it turns out. COCKAfter the second incident, the production was updated on its Internetseite. Instagram account. Here’s how the play officially announced the Rocketman actor’s exit: 

[Taron Egerton]Due to personal reasons, he had to pull out of the production. Joel [Harper-Jackson]Understudied the role of M and has been performing it for the past ten consecutive days, while Taron was away from the production after he tested positive for COVID.

The actor has not yet commented on his decision to leave the show. “personal reasons” message. He doesn’t have any other known scheduling conflicts to prepare for in the world of movies and TV. Perhaps the star simply needed a break, decided it wasn’t the right time for him to have a commitment in a play or has something else going on that he’d like to keep private. It’s impossible to guess, but he does have a game assistant.

Joel Harper-Jackson will complete the run COCKThe play, starring Jonathan Bailey, is currently playing at London’s Ambassadors Theatre until June 4, 2022. Jonathan Bailey, his costar, also shared the news. “proud”to continue sharing the stage with him. Bailey is more popular than ever because he was recently featured as Lord Anthony Bridgerton. the second season’s central love story. The show’s director, Marianne Elliott, called him an “absolute hero”.  

Taron Egerton was recently cast as Henk, the founder of The Tetris Company, in an AppleTV+ movie titled TetrisThis is expected to be among the Top 10. 2022’s upcoming movies. He will also appear in an AppleTV+ true-crime series called You are in with the Devil, in which he’ll play the author who wrote the serial killer book the show is based on. 

The star may also be returning to Eggsy’s role. KingsmanIn a third installmentIn what is Expected to be the “final chapter” for him and Colin Firth’s Harry, per writer/director Matthew Vaughn in 2019. Taron Egerton might have to shorten his play by three months but the 32-year old has a lot more great roles ahead.  

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