Taron Egerton Faints During Performance, Tells Fans He’s Fine

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  • Taron Egerton said he passed out during his new play on Saturday night, according to The Independent.
  • Egerton, 32, told fans he’s “completely fine” in an Instagram Story on Sunday. 
  • A doctor who was in the audience assisted Egerton, the outlet reported.  

Taron Egerton assured fans that he’s okay after fainting during a performance of his new play, “Cock,” and receiving medical attention.

On Saturday, the “Rocketman” actor passed out midway through his debut performance on stage at the Ambassadors Theatre in London, according to The Independent.

“I am completely fine. Slightly sore neck and a bruised ego but I’m fine,” Egerton, 32, wrote in an Instagram Stories post on Sunday. He continued that he’s choosing to “put a positive spin” on the incident. 

Screenshot of Taron Egerton's statement on Instagram after fainting during West End play "Cock."

Taron Egerton shared a statement regarding the incident on his Instagram Stories.

Taron Egerton/Instagram

“I would appreciate it if anyone who was in the theatre last night just said that I gave such a committed, electrifying performance that my body couldn’t handle it and checked out,” Egerton wrote.

Egerton, who will return to the stage Monday night, added: “That being said, apparently you’re meant to actually do the full show and not just three quarters of it. So I’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow night.” 

Egerton finished the Instagram Stories post by thanking the play’s team, the cast, and his understudy Joel Harper Jackson for stepping into the role at the last minute.

Representatives for Egerton and the Ambassadors Theatre did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

Members of the audience told The Independent that one of Egerton’s co-stars stopped the performance after he passed out, and the safety curtains were then lowered. In a statement to The Independent, the production team said that a doctor from the audience assisted Egerton. 

A post shared by Joel Harper-Jackson (@joelharperjacks)

The audience waited around 40 minutes before the director, Marianne Elliot, appeared on stage to reassure them that Egerton was fine, according to the outlet.

The play’s understudy, Joel Harper-Jackson, took over Egerton’s role for the last 15 minutes of the show, The Independent reports. He called taking the stage an “absolute privilege” in an Instagram post on Sunday.  

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