Tammy Slaton, 1000-lb sister of Gage, is accused by Tammy Slaton for ‘ruining Gage’s brain’ while her nephew, 2 years old, plays with a questionable device

1000-Lb. Sisters’ star Tammy Slaton is under fire after allowing her nephew Gage to play with an iPhone.

TLC actor, 36, posted sweet pictures of his two-year-old daughter looking attentively at her phone’s screen as she lay on her back on the living-room floor.

Tammy Slaton was slammed for letting her nephew Gage play with an iPad


Tammy Slaton got slammed after letting Gage, her nephew play on an iPadCredit to TLC
Critics claimed she was 'ruining' the two-year-old's 'brain'


Critics claimed she was damaging the brains of her two-year old daughter

Gage, whose mom is Tammy’s sister Amy, wore the cute babygro with white clover print in these adorable snaps.

While many 1000-Lb Sisters fans praised the cute shots, some ripped Tammy’s “terrible” decision to let the toddler use an iPad.

After one fan wrote, “Gage is a certified iPad baby,” another commented: “Which is terrible for children!……”

The third wrote “Scary.” Ruining the child’s brain. This poor child is staring at the glowing void like a zombie. It’s so sad.

Amy Slaton slammed for 'appalling' behavior at Tammy's wedding in new video
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Amy lives with Michael Halterman, her estranged husband, and shares Gage, her eight-month-old son Glenn.

Gage was the focus of further attention when he started throwing a loud tantrum during Tammy’s wedding.

The two-year-old was seen rolling around in the aisle and crying as Tammy and Caleb tried to exchange their vows.

Gage’s meltdown started off as a few cries while Tammy walked down the aisle to meet Caleb at the altar.

Entertainment is the most popular genre.

The toddler’s sobs turned into full-on screaming as Caleb wiped away tears while facing his bride-to-be.

Gage was then seen leaping onto the lap of his guest and into the middle aisle.

After rolling around, the toddler picked himself up and got back on his feet.

Amy – who was standing on the other side of the venue while acting as a bridesmaid – looked over at her son in concern.

She tried to put her finger on her lips to make her child quiet, but he was too loud for her to hear.

Amy was once slammed by the media for her parenting skills.


Earlier this month, she was accused of displaying “damaging” behavior towards Gage.

Amy shared a TikTok video of the toddler standing on a set of scales, exclaiming, “It’s a scale!” As he stood up on the scale, he bent his knees.

The electronic scales announced Gage’s weight as “28.4 pounds.”

Amy captioned this short video: “When your mom is on a Weight Loss Show !!!”

Although the clip was lauded by many, some wondered if Gage was too young for scales.

One commentator said: “Don’t teach the baby scales, it ruined my life.”

A second commenter said, “I feel that it is kind of harmful to introduce weight to small children.”

Amy had Glenn via a scheduled C-section in July 2022.

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Gage was born in November 2020, just months after his mother underwent vital gastric band surgery to reduce her weight.

Gage threw a tantrum in the middle of Tammy's wedding


Gage was a wild child during Tammy’s weddingCredit to TLC
Amy has been slammed for her parenting of Gage in the past


Amy was criticized for the way she raised Gage.Credit: Coleman-Rayner

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