Tallinn Film Festival Premiere: Trailer for ‘Ducks- An Urban Legend’

The Israeli black comedy “Ducks – An Urban Legend,”Its trailer has been unveiled. Fortissimo Films will handle international sales.

Shahar Rozen directed the film. It is set in Tel Aviv’s HaTikva (which is Hebrew for “HaTikva”). “Hope,”and centers on Yossi (Chris, Asaf), Anna and Elias.

Yossi is a lover of Chris and organizes their wedding with no expense. When Asaf’s grandfather dies, Anna and Asaf go to extreme lengths to keep the old man’s pension. Elias is an accidental hero. All of them have moments of grace in their lives that seem to bring them to a turning point. But in the end they all just float like rubber ducks in an ocean.

Rozen comments: “As a human being you have different roles in life. You could be a mother or a father, a friend or a neighbor, a brother or sister, a husband or a wife, or a father or a mother. You can be a boss, employee, friend, or enemy. You can be a victim or perpetrator. You are part a family, a work place and a neighbourhood.

“Between all those roles you need to learn what you are willing to do to survive and how to overcome your childhood traumas in your journey to find who you really are.

“Our film was developed by the ensemble of actors and the writers who lived, studied and worked in the neighborhood called ‘Hope.’ We collected stories of our friends and neighbors and interwoven them with stories from our lives into a collage about people living and struggling in a neighborhood on the wrong side of Tel Aviv.”

The film stars Roi Miller, Diana Abramov and Sarel Pitrman. It is produced by Omer Rogovin and Oren Rogovin for Rogovin Brothers and Moshe Edery, and Leon Edery, for United King Films.

Rozen’s 2000 documentary feature “Liebe Perla”The Magnolia Prize at Shanghai Film Festival was given to him, as well as the Istanbul Film Festival’s Best Documentary Award. He was awarded Best TV Drama. “Mother V”at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2001 and was awarded a special mention by Cinema Tout Ecran in Switzerland.

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