Taeyong Shalala tracklist, release time and date are discussed ahead of NCT’s star Taeyong solo debut

NCT’s all-rounder Taeyong is getting ready for his official solo debut. Here’s a quick look at Taeyong’s Shalala album release date, tracklist, and all about his solo project.

Lee Taeyong, a K-pop singer who has performed with SuperM, NCT127 and other groups, is known for having mastered a variety of styles, dances, and being able to perform in varying situations. In 2016, the 27-year old singer made his NCT debut. Seven years later and his new album Shalala will mark his first solo release.

Release date of Taeyong’s Shalala confirmed

Taeyong’s single album Shalala will be released on June 5 at 6pm KST/ 5am ET/ 2am PT. Let’s take a look at the global release time of the K-pop album below.


Taeyong’s Shalala album consists of seven songs including a feature with Red Velvet’s vocalist Wendy. Below is the track list.

As per SM Entertainment, Shalala is a reflection of Taeyong’s variety of music sentiments. From futuristic songs to dance music, the diverse album has it all. Virtual Insanity has a futuristic feel, while RUBY talks about his longing for a pet. 404 File Not Found is a song that will make you dreamy.

Taeyong’s Shalala dubbed as top ‘K-pop fashion’

Lee Taeyong’s iconic fashion has made it to Shalala teaser images as fans gush on Twitter about the legendary concept snaps.

Speaking about Shalala, a fan tweeted: “could never shut up about how Taeyong’s Shalala is one of the most fashion-forward moments in K-pop.”

Another one echoed: “I believe only Taeyong and his perfect body proportion who can pull this extravaganza and avant garde style of fashion.”

A third fan added: “music? fashion? art? personality? he delivers them all in ONE album.”

Stream NCT Taeyong’s Shalala on June 5 at 6pm KST/ 5am ET.

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