Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Producer Sheds Light On The Original Film’s ‘Depressing’Ending

Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Producer Sheds Light On The Original Film’s ‘Depressing’Ending

The RockyThe franchise is one the most beloved film series and has many fans across multiple generations. Sylvester Stallone was passionate about the original movie and worked hard to make it a reality. You may not know, but the original sports flick had a deeper meaning. “depressing”It was over, and now, one of its producers has revealed what exactly it would have described.

Producer Irwin Winkler spoke out about RockyIn celebration of its 45th Anniversary. Winkler explained that the original ending of the movie was very different to the one viewers know. The scene would have featured a more serious moment between Adrian, the boxer, and the heroine. Winkler spoke out about why things have changed. Yahoo! Yahoo! Entertainment:

What happened was that everyone was cheering and shouting during the fight scene when we had the screenings. Adrian and he then meet up when he loses. They walk out of the arena to find all dirt and dust on their floors. It was a very realistic, 1970s ending. The audience was suddenly shocked by the sudden drop in our expectations. It was very depressing. It was also quite depressing to see America in the mid-seventies. Watergate and the Vietnam War were two of your most prominent issues. You had all that going on. The end was bittersweet for us both.

This is quite a departure from the usual ending, where Adrian embraces Rocky after his defeat to Apollo Creed. The producer explained that it was depressingly contemplative. He is right to say that it would’ve been in line with the societal vibes from the 1970s. However, it could have undercut any explosive energy the film already displayed. In the same interview,  Irvin Winkler went on to explain how and his collaborators went about changing things up, saying:

We talked to Sly, and he revised the ending so that Adrian enters the ring and they hug. We had a problem. It wasn’t worth the cost to the studio. They stated that you had to pay for a new ending if you wanted one. Bob Chartoff, me, and $25,000 were our budget. How do you do that? Stallone had Adrian stand in the back of an arena. He then walks towards the ring. He says, “Oh Adrian!” and they hug. He won, not the fight but his self-respect. He won the woman that he loves. This is a great, wonderful ending.

Even though test screenings can certainly have a huge impact on a movie, it may be one in which it turns out for the best. Many would agree that the film’s ending is one of cinematic history’s most iconic. It is likely that many of us are grateful to the production team for being able to reshoot everything.

Sylvester Stallone is doing more than keeping the franchise’s legacy intact. His latest release, his “Sylvester Stallone” DVD, just proved that. Rocky IVDIrector’s cut, which earned a lot of money when it hit theaters, was a huge success. Stallone was able to say thanks. FansThe film was enjoyed by the cast and crew, who clearly were excited to see it in 4K. He recently A video of emotion was postedIt is a retrospective of his career that really puts in perspective his status as one the greatest cinema stars.

Stallone has been working Expendables 4has also begun to work on it Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Fans will be watching to see if he plans on adding any additional installments. Rocky franchise. While you wait to see if there is any movement, you can now stream the original movie (completely restored with its iconic ending) via HBO Max.

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