Swimmer believed he had water stuck in his ears, but turned out to be an invasive species of Cockroach

New Zealand man took a dip to cool off in the scorching summer heat. He believed he had water in his ear, but it was a cockroach. New York Post reported.

Zane Wedding shared the story on Facebook. This caught the attention of local media outlets in New Zealand.

He claimed he believed he had water in one ear for three consecutive days, but then he told me the truth. New Zealand HeraldThat “it made me feel physically ill.”

According to the Post, the bug was found in his ear canal on Friday while he was in Auckland swimming. For days he tried to get it out using all means.

“I used some drops to clear it up and fell asleep on the couch later that night,”He said CNN. “Over the weekend I tried anything I could for relief — ear candles, jumping on one leg, chewing gum, I went for a run — just anything I could think of [to]Clear your ear.”

He went to a doctor who said to use a hair dryer to blow on the ear canal and dry some of the water but nothing worked.

By Monday, he went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist who discovered the insect in his ear, the Post reported.

He told CNN that it took less than five minutes to get the bug out.

“I was not the best patient, as I thought of her pushing a cockroach into me every time she touched it. Instant relief was felt. It was instant relief.” he said. “Once I realized it was a bug, everything clicked together. That’s why water would move when I was still. It was a small cockroach in my head.”

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