Suspended Morning News Host Apologizes for $1 Million Mistake After Adele Interview Goes Off The Rails

Suspended Morning News Host Apologizes for $1 Million Mistake After Adele Interview Goes Off The Rails

Adele has been promoting her fourth album in overdrive. 30. The Grammy winner has been giving interviews and music specials as usual for major releases. In most cases, interviewers have been tailoring their questioning around the album’s content. But that wasn’t the case for an Australian morning show host. After making a mistake which cost him his network $1million, the suspended TV personality is now apologizing for the error to the British soul musician.

Weekend MorningMatt Doran, host of the show, seemed to offend Adele by not previewing her new album prior to his sit-down interview. Per The Daily TelegraphHe called the blinding mistake “an oversight”Instead of a “deliberate snub.”The host explained the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident in the formal statement.

When I sat down to interview Adele, I was totally unaware that I’d been emailed a preview of her unreleased new album. It was an email from Adele, which I discovered later. “e-card”This link was somehow lost by me.

After the reporter had admitted to making a mistake to the pop star, the grounds for an apology were created. According to Central RecorderAfter Doran, a songwriter, allegedly insulted her by not listening to her most recent release, the British singer allegedly left the interview in the middle. The interviewer had not, apparently, asked any questions about the entertainer’s latest work before the admission. The journalist seemed to take the singer by surprise.

Channel 7 would take further action after Matt Doran’s slip-up. The walk-out resulted in the cancellation of the on-air package featuring the singer, which ultimately cost Channel 7 $1 million. According to reports, the network had flown the reporter to the U.K. from Australia in order to interview Adele. The network suspended him from all on-air activities for two weeks due to his error. It’s not clear if he will be reinstated to his job once his suspension is over.

This costly mistake wasn’t a complete loss for the channel, as it had also acquired the rights to the Grammy winner’s One Night OnlyOprah Winfrey was interviewed on the special. It will be interesting to see if the faux pas has any impact on the future relationship between the show and the British singer.

Also with One Night OnlyIn another special, the entertainer was part of the show. Adele in an AudienceFor her country of origin, the U.K. It is clear that media companies will make sure journalists are fully informed ahead of any major interviews. You can see the full interview here. “Skyfall” songstress’s in-depth conversation with Oprah by streaming her special on Paramount+.

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